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I am no longer maintaining this project. Please contact me or create an issue if you wish take ownership of it.

Circle CI

Shows the Circle CI build status for the current project in the Atom status bar.

Circle CI


Create an API token in your Circle CI dashboard and add it to the Circle CI package configuration in Atom's settings (Atom > Open Your Config).

    apiToken: "CIRCLE API TOKEN"

Keys from the repo settings page will not work.


There's nothing to 'do' per se, just a few things you should be aware of.

  1. When a project is opened, the repo URL is inspected to see if it is a GitHub project (which is the only SCM host currently supported by Circle CI).
  2. If it is, the package will attempt to fetch the latest build status for the current branch via the Circle CI API.
  3. If successful, an icon representing the build status will be added to the status bar along with the build number and the branch that was last tested, and the package will check again in 10 seconds and repeat the process from step 2.
  4. The package will keep trying to get build status unless it was unable to log in.
  5. Check the Atom console (View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools) if there were any errors.

The icons are as follows:

Icon Status
sync Running
sync Success
alert Failure
sync Canceled
sync Error

Please also see the limitations below.


Nothing is perfect, especially on its first outing - so here is a short list of limitations and known issues that you should probably be aware of. I'll be use this package extensively myself, so you can be assured that I'll be reducing this list pretty quickly.

Only the "origin" remote is supported

This will fit 90% of cases, but I'm aware that there will be times when it won't. It's only this way because the Atom Git API currently only supports fetching the origin URL. Obviously it's not a massive effort to retrieve the list of remotes without using this API, but it didn't make it into this iteration.

Multiple accounts not supported

Currently you may only enter a single Circle CI token, which means you can only be logged into one account at a time. This may or may not change, depending on whether there's a demand to support multiple accounts. If you want this feature, please create an issue (or add a comment if an issue has already been created) or send me a pull request.

The icons aren't terribly meaningful

I'm fully aware they're not very intuitive, but I just picked the closest I could find in the Github icon set until I get a chance to replace them. I did this mostly because the icons are already available to Atom.

### Misc other things

There are other niggles I'm aware of, but please feel free to create issues on GitHub regardless.


Issues, sugestions and pull requests are more than welcome.

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About package that shows the Circle CI build status in the status bar

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