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Task oriented Arduino programming.

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SoftTimer enable a higher level Arduino programing, jet easy to use, and lightweight. You often face with the problem that you need to do multiply tasks in the same time. In SoftTimer manner programmer creates Tasks that runs periodically.

When you use SoftTimer you do not implement the "loop" function of the Arduino. All your code will run event driven, all processes running asynchronous, no more blocking code (like delay()) is needed.

I also try to add some usefully tools to use SoftTimer out of the box (like blinker, pwm, debouncer, etc.)

You can install SoftTimer library directly from the Library Manager of the Arduino IDE. Follow this link for details: How to Install a Library

An external dependecy PciManager library is required to compile the SoftTimer library. You can also install it from the Library Manager, as mentioned above.

The detailed documentation can be found here:

Link to Documentation

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Task oriented Arduino programming.


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