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docker-compose ,source from khezen/compose-postgres

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Postgresql & PgAdmin powered by compose

docker-compose ,source from khezen/compose-postgres remove postgresql External port 5432


  • docker >= 17.12.0+
  • docker-compose

Quick Start

  • Clone or download this repository
  • Go inside of directory, cd postgresql-pgadmin
  • Run this command docker-compose up -d


This Compose file contains the following environment variables:

  • POSTGRES_USER the default value is postgres
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD the default value is changeme
  • PGADMIN_PORT the default value is 5050
  • PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL the default value is
  • PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD the default value is admin

Access to postgres:

  • postgresql:5432 just access docker containter with the same bridge network
  • Username: postgres (as a default)
  • Password: changeme (as a default)

Access to PgAdmin:

  • URL: http://localhost:5050
  • Username: (as a default)
  • Password: admin (as a default)

Add a new server in PgAdmin:

  • Host name/address postgres
  • Port 5432
  • Username as POSTGRES_USER, by default: postgres
  • Password as POSTGRES_PASSWORD, by default changeme


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docker-compose ,source from khezen/compose-postgres

License:MIT License