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runtime dependencies for Vanagon projects

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The puppet-runtime exists to build vendored components for Puppet projects and distribute them as a tarball for reuse. Runtime projects are built with vanagon, a packaging utility.

Available components include curl, openssl, ruby, and more - see the configs/components directory for a full list. Individual projects in the configs/projects directory include subsets of these components. These projects may be built for platforms listed in the configs/platforms directory.

Build instructions

To build a puppet-runtime project:

  • Ruby and bundler must be installed
  • You must have root ssh access to a VM to build on

First, install the gem dependencies:

$ bundle install

Next, if you are building on infrastructure outside of Puppet, you will need to modify some package dependency names in the configs directory. Any references to pl-gcc, pl-cmake, pl-yaml-cpp, etc. in these files will need to be changed to refer to equivalent installable packages on your target platform. In many cases, you can drop the pl- prefix and ensure that CXX or CC environment variables are what they should be.

Next, determine which of the runtime projects in this repository you need to build. This will depend on the target repository that consumes your finished runtime. In some cases, there is only one runtime project available (runtime-pdk, for example, is the only runtime for the PDK). In other cases, the runtime project to build may depend on the branch of the target repository that consumes the runtime. For example, puppet-agent is developed on multiple git branches; You should select the runtime project that matches the target branch (for instance, you would build agent-runtime-5.3.x for use with puppet-agent's 5.3.x branch). See the configs/projects directory for a full list of options.

You can build the project using vanagon like this:

$ bundle exec build <project-name> <platform> <target-vm>


  • project-name is the name of the runtime project to build (from configs/projects)
  • platform is the name of a platform supported by vanagon and configured in the configs/platforms directory
  • target-vm is the hostname of the VM you will build on. You must have root ssh access configured for this host, and it must match the target platform.


runtime dependencies for Vanagon projects

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