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Bolt Vanagon Project

Updating rubygem versions

A script has been provided to help updating versions of existing gems. Run as

./generate.rb /path/to/bolt/Gemfile.lock

It will skip gems that are not currently managed (i.e. don't have a rubygem-*.rb file) to avoid adding gems provided by bolt-runtime or that are unneeded. New gems must be manually added, which can be as simple as touch configs/components/rubygem-<newgem>.rb.

Gems that have not yet been mirrored internally will also not be updated. The script will provide the command to run to update them in the release-new HipChat room. For example

Could not update foo, please mirror with: !mirrorsource

After mirroring gems, rerun the script to update their component configs.

Run the project

bundle install
bundle exec build puppet-bolt el-7-x86_64

If the packaging works, it will place a package in the output/ folder.


License:Apache License 2.0


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