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A Rails engine for interacting with the Readability API


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Simply include

gem readability

in your Gemfile. bundle, and then run

rails g readability:install

This will create a readability.yml file in your config dir. All you'll need to configure at that point is to add your consumer key/secret and then add readabilify into controllers you want to use Readability api methods within.

To check if you have access, you can use before_filter or simply check with the readabilified? method:

before_filter :readabilified?

Once you want to make API calls to Readability, use the readability method to make calls. For example:

readabilty :bookmarks, {favorite: true}  # return a listing of all the bookmarks which are favorited.
readabilty :article, params[id]  # return an article

API Docs

I'm working on documenting more of the code and putting together an actual API, but really, it just references the Readability API, found at


This is a pretty basic API, so do your worst:

  • fork
  • fix
  • write tests (yes I know I didn't...)
  • pull request!




A Rails engine for interacting with the Readability API

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