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Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have rails version 4. Type “rails -v” to make sure.

  2. From this project directory, do “bundle install –without production”

  3. To start the server “rails server”.

  4. Navigate your browser to localhost:3000.

Setting up with Git

  1. Instantiate this directory as a git repository with “git init”.

  2. Go to, create a new repository, then follow instructions on how to add a remote repository that links to github.

  3. Remember, you have to “git add” changes to ready it for a commit, then “git commit” to commit those changes locally, then “git push origin master” to push it to the remote “origin” repository, which is the previously created repository.

Deploying to Heroku

  1. Download the Heroku Toolbelt.

  2. Go to and register.

  3. Issue “heroku login” to authenticate, with the credentials from previous step. Make sure it's a git repository, by issuing “git init”, and also “git add”, “git commit” your files.

  4. Then “heroku create” to create this app on heroku. This command also adds a “heroku” remote repository that you can push to.

  5. To deploy, issue “git push heroku master”.

  6. You may need to run migrations on heroku afterwards, with “heroku run rake db:migrate”.

  7. Other helpful heroku commands:

- heroku logs
- heroku logs -t
- heroku rename
- heroku restart
- heroku run console
- heroku help




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