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VimDE is a simple Development Environment wrapper for vim and tmux. It requires at least vim8 and python3.8. Here is a list of included plugins that come "out-of-the-box".

  • NERDTree

  • Deoplete-Jedi (for python autocompletion)

  • Salt-vim syntax highligher

  • Jinja2 syntax highligter

  • Vimux (vim+tmux) integrated plugin

  • Pudb python debugger (python3)

  • Supertab vim plugin

  • Over 900 vim colorschemes

  • Powerline plugins for Vim and Tmux

  • Wemux server for use with pair programming

Local Development

python -m venv .vimde-dev
source .vimde-dev/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -q build
make dist install
make install


License:MIT License


Language:Python 98.2%Language:Makefile 1.8%