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Galactic Dynasty BBS Door Game

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Galactic Dynasty

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Galactic Dynasty is a BBS Door Game for Windows and Linux, similar to Solar Realms Elite but much simpler and with InterBBS support.

The idea is to start with a simple base and see where we can go from there in making a new, interesting and fun door game.


On windows, it's easiest to grab the latest binary from the releases page and unzip it somewhere.

On Linux, you will need to build from source. Either grab the latest source zip file, or clone from the repo.

Make sure you have make, a compiler, git and sqlite3-dev installed, then run

chmod a+x build.sh



You will need to call the game from a batch file that first sets the working directory to the Galactic Dynasty directory, then call the executable like this

GalacticDynasty.exe -D C:\Path\To\door32.sys

You may need to include the socket:

GalacticDynasty.exe -D C:\Path\To\door32.sys -SOCKET %SOCKET%

Where %SOCKET% is the socket number passed from your BBS.


Linux is similar to Windows, except requires STDIO redirection. Use dorinfo1.def as your drop file, or door.sys.

You will need to write a shell script that first changes the working directory then calls Galactic Dynasty with the -D switch for the drop file.


The galactic.ini file is where you configure the game.

Under the [main] section:

Turns Per Day This is the number of turns each player can play in a day

Turns in Protection This is the number of turns a player will be protected from attack.

Under the [InterBBS] section

Enabled Either False or True if InterBBS mode is to be enabled.

System Name Your system name

League Number The league number the game is a part of

Node Number Your node number within the league

File Inbox Where to look for incoming .GAL files

Default Outbox Default outbox, used when LinkFileOutbox is not defined in BBS.CFG


InterBBS is configured using BBS.CFG, if it exists the game will function in interbbs mode, if not it will function in Single BBS mode.

The format of BBS.CFG can be found in EXAMPLE.CFG included in the distribution.

For each Link

  • LinkNodeNumber The node number of the link (MUST BE FIRST)
  • LinkName The Name of a Linked BBS
  • LinkFileOutbox The outbox for files for this link. (Optional)

Files can either be sent directly to the link, or via other links. If a link receives a packet not destined to it, it will forward it to the outbox specified in it's config.

To create packets and import/forward packets, you must run

GalacticDynasty maintenance

Again, this must be run with the working directory as the Galactic Dynasty directory.

Don't run maintenance more than once a minute as you will get file collisions. A good frequency to run maintenance would be once a day, but you can increase that if you would like a more responsive interbbs experience.

Score Files

Score files are generated in ascii and ansi formats. The headers and footers can be customized to suit your BBS.

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Galactic Dynasty BBS Door Game

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:C 98.7%Language:Lua 1.0%Language:C++ 0.2%Language:Shell 0.1%Language:Makefile 0.0%Language:Batchfile 0.0%