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Small Go tool to simplify accessing machines.

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axs -- Simplifying access

axs is a small tool to simplify accessing machines.


I frequently find myself using ephemeral development setups that are configured with conveniences such as serial connections to the host, serial connections to pieces of hardware, ssh accessible BMC, ssh accessible power strips, etc. axs allows defining groups of machines and providing ways to access the various subsystems available in a hierarchical fashion.


go install


axs expects to find the list of machines in a configuration file. By default, the configuration file lives at $HOME/.axsrc.json. The configuration file could be JSON, YAML, TOML, or anything else that Viper supports. I personally prefer to use JSON, but it shouldn't matter.

Access methods should be specified using URL format. Currently only SSH and telnet are supported.


ben at yggdrasil :: ./axs -h
Usage: ./axs [OPTIONS] target
  -config string
        Config file. (default "$HOME/.axsrc.json")
        List targets.
        Resolve command.

Passing the -resolve flag with a target will generate the access command, but will print it instead of executing it.


Completions are only available for zsh. Download the completion/axs.zsh file and source it in your ~/.zshrc.


Given the following configuration:

    "cc1": {
        "bay-a": {
            "host": "ssh://ben@bay-a:22",
            "serial": "telnet://bay-a:23"
        "bay-b": {
            "host": "ssh://root@",
            "bmc": "ssh://admin@"
ben at yggdrasil :: ./axs -config config.json -resolve
ssh -p 22 ben@bay-a

The target given must resolve to a string, otherwise axs will error:

ben at yggdrasil :: ./axs -config config.json -resolve cc1.bay-a
2017/07/11 22:43:11 target not found


Small Go tool to simplify accessing machines.

License:MIT License


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