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1Password for Open Source Projects

We rely on open source software every day to develop 1Password. It's fair to say that 1Password wouldn't exist without the open source community, so we want to give back and help teams be more productive and secure.

Are you working on an open source project that needs a password manager? How about a secure place to keep and share secrets — social media logins, code signing certificates, ssh keys, etc? We've got your back: get 1Password Teams free on us.

How to apply

  1. Create a team account:
  2. Invite at least one other person to your team and add them to the Owners group.
  3. Fork this repo and add an entry to the Open source projects using 1Password Teams section at the bottom of this page:
### Project name
A short description of what we do.
  1. Create a pull request and fill out the template with the requested details.


To apply, you need to be a project lead or a core contributor for an active open source project that is at least 30 days old. We’ll also accept applications from the organisers of community meetups and events, as well as some conferences.

Open source projects need to use a standard open source license and must be non-commercial. Your project should not have paid support or pay contributors. If you or your company work on commercial projects, consider 1Password Business. For example, AgileBits has several open source projects, but wouldn't qualify for a free team account because it's a business.

If you're not sure if your project meets these requirements, please contact our support team at

Membership details

  • You'll receive two renewable years of 1Password Teams.
  • You can invite core contributors to your team account.
  • Team members can use the 1Password apps on all devices — Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS and web.
  • All app updates are free while your membership is active.
  • Your membership can be renewed every two years if your project still meets the requirements. Email us at 30 days before your membership ends.
  • Memberships cannot be transferred or sold.

We'll review all requests and accept them at our discretion. If accepted, your project may be listed below.

Open source projects using 1Password Teams


WWDCScholars is a community of Apple WWDC Scholarship winners. Together we developed and maintain an iOS app, the main website and a sign-up form. Link to project

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Community-driven unofficial browser extension for Reddit.

Python Cryptographic Authority

A group managing the development of most of Python's major cryptographic libraries including pyca/cryptography, pyNaCl, and pyOpenSSL.


PKIjs is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses). It is built on WebCrypto (Web Cryptography API) and requires no plug-ins. is a community-focused game, where people work together to make art. The aim of the game is to bring people together in a fun and new way.


Open Source firmware for x86 and other architectures.

Pluto Video Snapshoter

Cross platform video snapshot software, stitching snapshots automatically with subtitle detection. A short description of what we do.


libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to write native speed custom Git applications in any language which supports C bindings.

Textpattern CMS

A flexible, elegant, fast and easy-to-use content management system written in PHP.

Express Gateway

Express Gateway is an API Gateway that sits at the heart of any microservices architecture, regardless of what language or platform you're using. Express Gateway secures your microservices and exposes them through APIs using Node.js, ExpressJS and Express middleware. Developing microservices, orchestrating and managing them now can be done insanely fast all on one seamless platform without having to introduce additional infrastructure.


An unofficial app to follow proposals for Swift Evolution.


ezXSS is an easy way to test (blind) XSS.


SimplePresence is an open source and non profit app that allows developers (and other consumers) set their status on the popular chat app, Discord.


MLTSHP is a social community for sharing images, GIFs, and videos. The site is developed and operated by volunteers of the community and the site itself is open source.

Bankrs OS Go client

The official Go client for accessing the Bankrs OS API.


Rekrei is a platform for crowdsourcing digital reconstructions for the memory of lost heritage. The project is built using Ruby on Rails, with a tiny dash of Angular.

Open Collective

Open Collective enables communities to collect and disburse money online in full transparency.


IdentityServer is a free, open source OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 framework for ASP.NET Core. Founded and maintained by Dominick Baier and Brock Allen, IdentityServer4 incorporates all the protocol implementations and extensibility points needed to integrate token-based authentication, single-sign-on and API access control in your applications. IdentityServer4 is officially certified by the OpenID Foundation and thus spec-compliant and interoperable. It is part of the .NET Foundation, and operates under their code of conduct. It is licensed under Apache 2 (an OSI approved license).


The iOS Titanium module "Ti.OnePassword" enables developers to integrate 1Password in their JavaScript powered Titanium apps. It is built using Objective-C and is based on the official AgileBits library.


The broadcast app is a way of connecting groups in chat rooms over SMS, no app required! Users can be invited, leave, and mute chat rooms with others that have similar interests or friends of friends that haven't shared phone numbers yet. Text one number and broadcast your text to the whole group!


PyGotham is a New York City based, eclectic, Py-centric conference covering many topics. There’s a diverse speaker list, and some things which will be quite different. Source code


Bokeh (Main Site | GitHub) is a BSD licensed interactive visualization library for Python that enables beautiful and meaningful visual presentation of data in modern web browsers. Bokeh provides an elegant and concise way to construct versatile graphics while delivering high-performance interactivity for large or streamed datasets.


Vizzy is a powerful Ruby on Rails web server that facilitates Visual Automation, a continuous integration testing strategy that aims to prevent visual regressions. It does this by performing pixel by pixel comparisons of screenshots captured during test runs. In doing so, it tests application data as well as application views.


Phalcon is an open source web framework delivered as a C extension for the PHP language providing high performance and lower resource consumption.

Cloud Oscilloscope

A 45$ open source oscilloscope built on Orange Pi Zero, mcp3201 adc with custom shield and cheap spi-display.

Telegram Bot PHP SDK

The (Unofficial) Telegram Bot API PHP SDK. Lets you develop Telegram Bots easily!

Bike Index

Bike Index is the world's most widely-used bicycle registry. We're universal and open-source, meaning that anyone, anywhere can register their bikes and tap into our grassroots network of users and organizations to report and find their bike if stolen.


Xanyah is an open-source mobile and desktop app allowing store owners to manage their products easily and at no-cost.

Splits I/O

A sharing and analyzation tool for speedrunners.


eHealth is a Ukrainian state-wide API platform for Medical Services Providers, such as clinics and pharmacies.

Neos CMS

Think of Neos as an open source Content Application Platform based on its own PHP framework Flow.


The IndieWeb community maintains several tools and plugins for helping individuals own their online data and use their websites as a social network.


Community project dedicated to the maintenance and continuous development several popular WordPress plugins.


MyBB is a free and open source, community-based forum software project.


A CLI to keep semantic git commits. Never think about the projects commit guidelines again. sgc will take care of the commit guidelines, so you can focus on the more important stuff.


Network abstraction layer written in Swift.


Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps in .NET.


An #OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques on Companies, People, EmailAddress, Phone Number, Username, IP Address etc., aggregate all the raw data, and give data in multiple formats.


QueueUp is an open-source mobile app helping you to find the perfect teammates in various online games.


Group of open-source Python package maintainers.


A Deep Learning Library for Researchers and Engineers based on Tensorflow.

What's Open at Mason

A service for students at George Mason University, by students of Mason SRCT, to find information about facilities on campus.


An elegant networking library in Swift.

Robinhood API

Get the most of Robinhood: accounts, positions, portfolio, buy and sell securities, etc.


An Android kotlin-powered lightweight SharedPreferences encryption library, to help you securing android applications from the ground up

Builder Book

Open source web app to publish documentation or books. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB.

Multi Theft Auto

A game modification that incorporates network play onto the single player Grand Theft Auto game series.


A mighty, modern CSS linter


codebar is an organization that runs regular programming workshops for underrepresented groups in tech (people of color, women, LGBTQA+, persons with disabilities) in 14 cities around the world. Our goal is to enable members of these groups to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities.


Unofficial Google translate API for Python.

Terraform AWS modules

Collection of Terraform AWS modules supported by the community

Python Software Foundation Infrastructure Team

Support, improve, and administer Python community services such as PyPI and The Python Homepage.

Open Shop Channel

Open Shop Channel is a project for the Nintendo Wii™ that aims to reverse engineer, document, and reimplement the soon-defunct Wii Shop Channel, to aid distribution of OSS homebrew projects, as well as provide an insight into the Paid DLC and Update systems some games used.

The Fuel Rats

We are a large gaming community for the game Elite Dangerous who run our own custom built website and integrations which are all released open source offering other communities to build upon on our work.


Fast, simple and clean video downloader built with Go.

MOSA-Chicago - Midwest Open Source Alliance

The Midwest Open Source Alliance promotes the education, support and development of Drupal and related open source software within the Midwest Drupal community. We are a federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. As such, we will be acting as fiscal sponsor for open source software events in the Midwest (such as MidCamp), as well as looking to help launch new events or initiatives around the software community.

tDAR (the Digital Archaeological Record)

A digital repository specifically built for archaeological data Link to project source


SNEP is a Brazilian Free Software-based PBX that meets the needs of any size of business, with features that make communication more free, flexible and intelligent. Snep has a GPLv2 license and all its code is in this repository and your download can be done in sourceforge.


Transmission is a fast, easy and free BitTorrent client.


Open source protocol translation addon for various Minecraft server platforms written in Java -

Go London User Group (London Gophers)

The Go London User Group (GLUG) is a London UK-based community for anyone interested in the Go programming language. GLUG held their first Meetup on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, and since then the group has grown to over 2,500 members. Nowadays, GLUG is more commonly known as London Gophers.


BMLT Enabled is a community of members that write software for twelve-step organizations. The BMLT or Basic Meeting List Toolbox helps those that are looking for a meeting (where the twelve steps happen) by providing a database and toolset that leverage these datasets.


A non-profit, community-driven conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Also with an open-source conference web site.

RailsBridge Boston

RailsBridge Boston runs workshops to teach people Ruby on Rails for free. Our workshops are 100% volunteer taught and led.


Pony is an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high-performance programming language.

Jano Ticketing System

Modern, scalable and modular event ticketing system written in PHP


Competitive coding and gaming combined like never before. Vikebot is a platform where you compete against others using your coding skills. You program your own player, a bot, which plays autonomously against other bots in a deathmatch. According to the results of these games we place you in a global ranking system.


AM is an open-source web client for Apple Music, built with React and Apple's MusicKit JS framework.


Monolingual is a program for removing unnecessary language resources from macOS, in order to reclaim several hundred megabytes of disk space.


30-seconds-of-code is a curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

Techqueria is one of the largest communities of Latinx professionals in the tech industry.


OSOSystem is a free and open source locating system platform open for different kind of devices.

GDG NoCo Examples

GDG Northern Colorado is an open-membership group that encourages the use of Google and related technology for learning and education. We create multiple sample open source projects for people to use. See Link to projects


Snap! is an educational programming langauge that allows students to build engaging projects while exploring deep concepts in computer science. Students can share their projects on the Snap!Cloud.

The Beauty and Joy of Computing

The Beauty and Joy of Computing is an introduction to computer science designed to broaden participation. High school and college students learn fudentals of CS and build personal projects while also exploring social impacts of computing.


RiiConnect24 is an alternative provider for the now-defunct WiiConnect24 service, designed to allow communication between Nintendo Wii™ consoles via the net. This allows you to use services such as the Forecast, News, and Everybody Votes Channel again, and exchange mail between other Wiis and e-mail.


A fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library written in C. Zydis on GitHub, Zydis Online

WordPress Gwinnett

An official WordPress meetup chapter providing free education and support for Atlanta, GA suburb users and developers — since 2012.


An event-driven networking engine written in Python, implementing many protocols, including HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, DNS, SSH, and more.


LibertyLand, a new Minecraft server with different scopes other than competition. More open for our players and developers interested in the project.


Dropwizard is a mature Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services.


GearBot is an open source moderation bot for discord, helping to keep the gears turning on big and small servers. Featuring extensive configurability to allow server to fine tune the bot based on their specific server needs.


OpenCAD is an open-source computer aided dispatch system for roleplay communities written in PHP.

ResearchOps Community

The ResearchOps Community is volunteer run group of user researchers, and other people who do user/design research in their jobs, where we share what we know about making research work better within organisations. As a community we create and share learning resources, and run regular events and workshops to share what we learn, about making research accessible inside organisations, whilst respecting the wishes and privacy of the participants. ResearchOps on Medium | ResearchOps on github


Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

Electron JS

Electron JS - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS


QMEM is an equipment management and asset tracking application written entirely in PHP. QMEM on GitHub

PyLight Meetup

PyLight is a beginner-friendly Python meetup. On our meetings we focus on thorough explanation of programming foundations, showing different approaches in problem solving, and exploring different branches of the IT world. Our meetings take place once a month and always include practical tasks apart from lectures. PyLight on GitHub

Ember CLI

Ember CLI is the command line interface for the Ember.js web framework.

Home Assistant

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server.

Online Membership System

OMS is an open-source project born from the youth NGO AEGEE-Europe. It aims to provide an intranet which other YNGOs (and more) can use to manage their members and internal events, and it allows customisation through pluggable modules.


utPLSQL is a testing framework for Oracle PL/SQL. It's a completely community-driven, voluntary project with the goal to make it easier to automatically test your database code and allow techniques like TDD. utPLSQL on GitHub


RVM is a command-line tool which allows you to easily install, manage, and work with multiple ruby environments from interpreters to sets of gems.


AutoFooter is a fast and responsive js footer-generation script that aims at providing always updated information, while requiring 0 maintenance and updates after the initial configuration.


CC-Build (in the future probably is the community distribution of Chef Software.


A small and lightweight macOS System monitor for the status bar with a lot of customizable options so that everyone can adjust the display settings to their needs

Trailing Spaces

An extension for the Visual Studio Code editor that allows you to highlight trailing spaces and delete them in a flash!


Raku is a multi paradigm programming language. It's completely community-driven. (Renamed from Perl 6)


osquery provides SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics.


NumFOCUS provides a stable, independent, and professional home for the open source projects powering contemporary scientific inquiry and business processes. We aim to ensure that funding and resources are available to sustain projects in the scientific data stack over the long haul.


NUSMods is a student maintained course catalogue, module search and timetable builder for the National University of Singapore.


1build – Frictionless way of managing project-specific commands. 1build is an automation tool that arms you with the convenience to configure project-local command line aliases – and then run the commands quickly and easily.


Buffalo is a Go web development eco-system, designed to make your life easier. Buffalo helps you to generate a web project that already has everything from front-end (JavaScript, SCSS, etc.) to the back-end (database, routing, etc.) already hooked up and ready to run. From there it provides easy APIs to build your web application quickly in Go.


ZEIW is an open source, community-based, online multiplayer table tennis game.

OpenELIS Global

OpenELIS Global OpenELIS is an open-source laboratory information system that supports the entire laboratory workflow, including the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases. Meaning patient demographic data; laboratory order details; technical requirements and validations for the laboratory tests and analyses; and clinical and lab performance reports. It is installed in 83 labs in Cots d'Ivoire, many labs in Haiti and widely as part of the Bahmni hospital system for low resource settings.


Map3 is a decentralized map network which is impartial, secure and extremely robust, so that it is impractical to shut down just like the BitTorrent and the Bitcoin network. Map3 is free from control, free to participate, free base map. It host rich community map contents, support strong privacy and trust protocol, compatible with existing map technologies. We envision Map3 to be entirely built for and governed by the global Map3 community. Passionate individuals and organizations of all levels can host Map3 nodes and provide useful map contents to be distributed on the Map3 network.


Orange3 is an open source machine learning and data visualization toolbox with an easy-to-use visual programming interface.


The Astropy Project is a community effort to develop a common core package for Astronomy in Python and foster an ecosystem of interoperable astronomy packages.


The administration for the IdentityServer4 and Asp.Net Core Identity. Skoruba.IdentityServer4.Admin

Extinction Rebellion Belgium

We are the Belgian branch of Extinction Rebellion, an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

WP Australia

Australia’s WordPress community – For beginners, professionals, and everyone in-between.


Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.

Destiny Item Manager

Third party open source item manager for the video game Destiny (created by Bungie)

Oxygen Updater

Oxygen Updater App - faster access to OnePlus system updates. Be the first to update!

PyData PDX

PyData PDX is the Portland chapter of the PyData meetup series (sponsored by the non-profit NumFOCUS, dedicated to to cause of sustainable open-source software).


An open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms

Backdrop CMS

Free and Open Source CMS that helps you build websites for businesses and non-profits.

The Green Web Foundation

The internet runs on electricty, and right now most of that electricity comes from fossil fuels. The Green Web Foundation is a project to use open source and open data, to help people building digital products understand and reduce the carbon emissions from the services they build. The Green Web Foundation Main site | The Green Web Foundation on Github


TYPO3 is a open source Enterprise Content Management System based on PHP.


Open-source Discord bot framework, performant and easily extendible.

OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US advocates for and promotes the free wiki-style map of the world in the United States.

The Rust Programming Language

Rust is a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing.

Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA)

KEDA is a Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaler. KEDA determines how any container in Kubernetes should be scaled based on the number of events that need to be processed. KEDA is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox project.


Wasmer is the Universal server-side WebAssembly runtime


LibreWiki is a Korean wiki site running on MediaWiki, also developing an independent wiki-engine.


BoxOfDevs is a development community of likeminded teens. We've developed numerous PocketMine plugins and Minecraft related projects such as CommandShop and motd-generator.


Gitote is an open source end-to-end self-hosted software development platform with built-in version control, issue tracking, code review, and more.


ACCA is a fully configurable Android app that empowers users to have control over the charge cycle and it allows to proloungue the life of phone batteries. In fact several studies showed that Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life if partially charged. ACCA is a frontend app for ACC, a bash script that efficiently applies user settings in the background. ACCA | ACC

Fluid Project

Fluid is an open, collaborative project to improve the user experience and inclusiveness of open source software.

The Fluid community consists of an international team of partners, individuals, and institutions focused on designing inclusive, flexible, customizable, user-centered interfaces.


Kolibre is a non-profit association developing open sourced information systems for individuals with print disablitites. Source code available at github


Discussion forums, for your powered site. bbPress is forum software from the creators of WordPress. Quickly setup a place for asyncronous discussion, subscriptions, and more!


Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications.

ZMap Project

The ZMap Project is a collection of open source tools that enable researchers to perform large-scale studies of the hosts and services that compose the public Internet.

Conviction Vacation Project

Reducing barriers faced by formerly incarcerated individuals by streamlining process of vacating eligible convictions in Washington state.


FemiWiki launched as a community effort to counter prevalent misogynistic, male-centered sources of Korean language information online that was also lacking in inclusivity towards most categories of minorities.

Dados Abertos de Feira

Transparency is one of the keys to fight corruption. The project Dados Abertos de Feira aims to be a portal of the public datasets available in the city of Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil, making the data available searchable and open for all.


We couldn't find a todo list that had everything that we wanted. We decided to make an online todo list that is very minimal and has features that we want. is a list of popular sites that support Two Factor Authentication (2FA), as well as the methods that they provide. We hope to aid consumers who are deciding between alternative services based on the security they offer for their customers. This project also serves as an indicator of general security efforts used on a site. You can help contribute to the project on our GitHub repo.


Bevry builds tools (such as software) and processes (such as communities and discussions) that grow the market share of collaborative wisdom.

Boston Golang

Boston Golang is a Boston based community for people working with the Go programming language to discuss ideas, issues and share solutions. Boston Golang held their first Meetup on October 21, 2014 and as of April 2020 the group counts more than 1,700 members. Boston Golang is the only community for fellow gophers in New England. Meetups are held on the last Tuesday of each Month.

Russian Rust Language Community

Our community for russian speaking peoples, who working or interesting in Rust programming lanuage. Our goal is popularize Rust language in post-USSR countries. We translate articles and announcements, organize meetups, support forum for russian rust-related talks.

APIs You Won't Hate

APIs You Won't Hate is dedicated to learning, writing, sharing ideas and bettering understanding of API practices. Together we can erradicate APIs we hate. Join us on the largest API chat group on the internet for help with your APIs.


Kyma /kee-ma/ is a platform for extending applications with serverless functions and microservices. It provides a selection of cloud-native projects glued together to simplify the creation and management of extensions.


Next-gen browser and mobile automation test framework for Node.js.


Built with React, Node, PouchDB/CouchDB and using offline first design, we're working to deliver an HIS system that makes usability the #1 requirement, is built specifically for developing world requirements, and seeks to give back time to patient care.

The Good Docs Project

We make templates to help developers create better documentation for open source projects.


The ODK-X community produces free and open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments.


A community-driven open source Minecraft: Java Edition modding API and platform. We make the SpongeAPI library and its core implementations with our own trait/mixin weaving framework for Java.

Digital Excellence

A lot of employees and students of Schools and Universities create a lot of nice products. As a hobby, for their work or because of a school project. These can be software solutions, small scripts, research papers, thesis but possibly also project ideas and proposals for others to pick up. Unfortunately, most of them remain private and are not known by the majority of the population. The goal of the Digital Excellence-platform (short: DeX) is to make all this work more findable and thus improving collaboration.


A Progressive TypeScript Framework for Modern Web Apps


The Node.js JavaScript Runtime.

Plone Foundation

We provide support for development and marketing, and are modeled after similar ventures such as the Apache Software Foundation. We are the legal owner of the Plone codebase, trademarks, and domain names. Our goal is to ensure Plone remains the premier open source content management system to broaden its acceptance and visibility.

OSS Review Toolkit

The OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) is a suite of tools to assist with reviewing software dependencies, automating OSS compliance checks, and creating Bill-of-Materials (BOMs).


An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.

Starship: Cross-Shell Prompt

Starship is a minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell.

CNCF Indonesia

CNCF Indonesia is a tech community for Indonesians to learn and share about cloud native concepts and technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, and so on. We host monthly meetups, workshops, organize Kubernetes docs translation to Bahasa Indonesia for everyone, and other various activities. We are already in 4 cities with thousands of members and still rapidly growing.


ESLint is a pluggable JavaScript code linter that helps you find and fix problems in your JavaScript code.


Build system and task runner for Go projects


A CNCF standard for defining how to add well-defined metadata to events for interop and automated tooling.

Vancouver Go Meetup (London Gophers)

The Vancouver Go Meetup is a Vancouver, Canada meetup group for anyone interested in the Go programming language.


FreeFeed is a social network that enables you to discover and discuss the interesting stuff your friends find on the web.


Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend.


Manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely.

Project NISEI

NISEI is a fan-run organization with the mission to keep Android: Netrunner alive and thriving after the game reached official end-of-life in 2018. Among other things, we maintain NetrunnerDB, an open source deck builder for Android: Netrunner. We are strongly committed to contributing back to the open source ecosystems that support small volunteer-run organisations like ours.

Hack for LA

We create open source civic tech projects. Come see us at:

QA Hive

We create open source test library based on robotframework hosted on github. These are our libraries robotframework-puppeteer, robotframework-puppeteer-percy, robotframework-pdf2textlibrary and more.... Our site:


A simple, Redis backed task/job queue for Python.


Paper is the next generation of Minecraft server, compatible with Spigot plugins and offering uncompromising performance.

Alchemy Viewer

Alchemy is a Second Life™ and OpenMetaverse compatible viewer striving to be at the forefront of stability, performance, and technological advancement in the open-source metaverse viewer field.


Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Crazy Marvin

Crazy Marvin is a collective of open sourcerers that create chatbots and apps for many platforms.


YACReader is a free and open source comic reader and manager for Windows, macos and Linux.


Is a simple turing machine simulator, open source in Python.


CCDSAP-Roadmap is a roadmap to crack Codechef Certified Data Structure and Algorithms Programme. CCDSAP certification is an assessment of programming proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms under a proctored environment. It’s a lifetime certification as it tests a programmers grasp on subjects that are very fundamental to the field of computer science, and therefore, they do not change with technological advancements.

We are a global community of tech professionals using our skills, expertise and platforms to support solutions to the climate crisis.


The Perl Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming languages through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. Perl is a popular dynamic programming language, and Raku is the next language in the Perl family of programming languages.

PathCheck Foundation

PathCheck Foundation is unleashing the power of a global community of organizations, researchers, health officials, and volunteers. We’re working together to build open source software, standards, and public health programs that help contain the pandemic, restart the economy, and protect individual freedom and privacy.

Code for Venezuela

Code for Venezuela is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together technologists and innovators who care about Venezuela leveraging their talent and network to solve the most pressing needs of the country.


An Open Source project and ecosystem for creating base infrastructure to support software development teams in their daily activities


OpenID Connect Identity (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 Provider with Pluggable Connectors


An Open Source Cloud-Native runtime security project that makes it easy to trigger alerts based on kernel events enriched with information from Kubernetes and the rest of the cloud native stack.


Tinkerbell is a flexible bare metal provisioning engine.


Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application.


Batteries included full stack web framework built-in Crystal


Taskord is a community of makers in tech shipping and working together. Makers post their daily tasks and grow a network of supportive, like-minded people! Daily project related tasks, earning reputation, and interacting to get feedback or early users.


Tremor is an event processing system for unstructured data with rich support for structural pattern matching, filtering and transformation.

Wong Bejo Online

Wong Bejo Online is a community of Indonesian students who can create great products from crazy ideas.

Liman MYS

Linux Management System Framework


The #1 open source file uploader for webbrowsers

Team Platypus

Team Platypus is behind HwpKit, an open-sourced alternative to Hancom's document format HWP. HWP is a format widely used in Korea for its unique special Korean languare support. HwpKit aims to provide an HWP editor without being chained into Hancom's licensing agreements and/or poor macOS/iOS support.


MultiROM allows android devices to dual-boot multiple supported android releases on unlocked devices.


Cloud-Barista is a multi-cloud service common platform that supports to federate multiple clouds, to make them one logical object, and to use it.


A set of protocols and libraries for a data-first internet. Nimona’s main goal is to provide a number of layers/components to help with the challenges presented when dealing with decentralized and peer to peer applications.


OpenSource Application Security Management. The leading application vulnerability management tool built for DevOps and continuous security integration.


GiftForGood is an online in-kind donations platform that connects donors and non-profit organisations to effectively meet the needs of beneficiaries.


devonfw is an Open Source Standard Software Development Platform for state of the art Cloud Native Micro Service and Multi Platform Rich Web Apps


Sqitch is an Open Source database-native change management for framework-free development and dependable deployment.


secureReturn is a community of like-minded reverse engineering and security enthusiasts developing open source security tools.


CloudNET (The Cloud Network Environment Technology) is an application that dynamically and easily deploys Minecraft oriented server software.

Utopian Corps

We make automatic udemy enroller that enrolls you to various udemy courses that are currently free


An independent, modular, embeddable web engine, which allows developers to deliver content and applications using web standards.


OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.


The Flux project aspires to be a vendor-neutral home for GitOps in a Cloud Native world.


An unofficial React Native library for building maps with the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS and Mapbox Maps SDK for Android

Fork CMS

Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. We take great pride in being the Content Management System of choice for beginners and professionals.


A modern, powerful, experimental, and modular Discord bot framework


Opereon is an easy to use and powerful tool for IT automation, designed with power users in mind. It performs most of the difficult heavy lifting, while giving the user absolute control of what exactly happens in the managed infrastructure.

Apache Airflow

Airflow is a platform created by the community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.

India Biodiversity Portal

A repository of information on India's biodiversity. The Portal aims to aggregate data through public participation and provide open and free access to biodiversity information.


dry-rb is a collection of next-generation Ruby libraries, helping you write clear, flexible, and more maintainable Ruby code. Each dry-rb gem fulfils a common task, and together they make a powerful platform for any kind of Ruby application.


Ruby Object Mapper (rom-rb) is an open-source persistence and mapping toolkit for Ruby built for speed and simplicity.


Hanami is a modern web framework for Ruby.


Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn’t depend on any framework, and has automatic language detection.


Randomicu is a set of API endpoints for all who want to get random data.


Vaken is a hackathon management system featuring hacker registration, applications, NFC, event management, and sponsor management developed by VandyHacks, the hackathon organization at Vanderbilt University.


AssertJ is a library providing easy to use rich typed assertions.


FlaggyFlag is setup to output calendar (.ics) file to see what flag (royal normal/banner/half-mast) needs to be flown on which day. Personalised per country.


FutaDNS is a public adblock list made in Taiwan, which also provide awesome and ultra low latency public DNS-over-HTTPS service.


RSSHub is an open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed generator. It's capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything. RSSHub delivers millions of contents aggregated from all kinds of sources, our vibrant open source community is ensuring the deliver of RSSHub's new routes, new features and bug fixes.

MaxCare Doing good things with childcare / eldercare.

Mind Elixir

Mind Elixir is a framework agnostic mind map core written in JavaScript.


yet another Flask File Proxy

Front Conference Zurich

Front Conference Zurich is a non-profit conference targeting Designers & Frontend engineers taking place yearly in Zurich. As a not-for-profit community event we rely on volunteers to enable us to run a great event.


A static blog generator built with Python, with feed, sitemap, extended Markdown syntax and enhanced image processing pipeline.


Apache APISIX is a dynamic, real-time, high-performance API gateway, based on the Nginx library and etcd.APISIX provides rich traffic management features such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, canary release, circuit breaking, authentication, observability, and more.


Tuist is a command line tool to make developers building apps for Apple platforms productive. It leverages Xcode project generation to provide teams with an easy interface to describe their projects and streamlined workflows.

1Password Github Action

1Password Github Action is an action to allow you to connect to your 1Password Account to load usernames, passwords, and files. This adds security as you don't need to save in Github Secrets and can have 1 source of truth.

cgi http proxy

CGI HTTP PROXY Flibusta for example. For proxyfying and rewriting requests to blocked domains via proxy. My current repository on Gitlab, but special for 1password cloned to Github.


Battlefield Player Community Self-founded Non-Profit Anti Hacker Developer Organization. We are from all over the world's battlefield players those who wants to anti cheaters,we have developed battlefield 1 private server procon tool which doesn't need to open game to kick or ban cheaters.Our BFBAN site has collect over 6,000 BF1/BFV cheater lists with their video/image evidences.everything is opensource on our github page.

SecretManagement.1Password and op-powershell

Two OSS PowerShell modules that wrap the op cli utility to work with Vault Items. SecretManagement.1Password is an extention module for PowerShell SecretMangement which provides a consistent way to managed secrets cross-platform regardless of the storing vault. The op-powershell module is a basic wrapper for the op binary providing PowerShell Cmdlets for the op functionality necessary for SecretManagement.1Password. |


Decrypts an encrypted Bitwarden data.json file. You can safely store data.json as an encrypted, offline backup of your vault knowing you will always be able to decrypt it.


JumpServer is a popular open-source PAM (Privileged Access Management System) and is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0. It is a 4A-compliant professional operation and maintenance security audit system.

AWS Utilities

Collection of helpful AWS utilities packages to help with AWS development


A network tool to help you establish a secure tunnel proxy in an insecure network environment.


A cross-platform tool to show your Discord friends what you're playing on Wiimmfi.


A common utils library for Android development, include task and http components.


Open source libraries to aid in the creation of Discord bots

Pinnacle is a competitive hackathon where the world's brightest 200 hackers get together for 36 hours. Unlike the traditional hackathon, Pinnacle invites 4 winners from each of the world's top 50 collegiate hackathons to compete in an epic tournament-styled hackathon. Our participants, who represent the sharpest developers, designers, and creators in the nation, will be flown out for a weekend at Pinnacle in late 2021.


An open source Q&A platform helping each other learn, made by the community, for the community.


discord.js is a powerful Node.js module that allows you to easily interact with the Discord API.


R-Ladies is a worldwide organization whose mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community. As a diversity initiative, the mission of R-Ladies is to achieve proportionate representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people of genders currently under-represented in the R community. R-Ladies’ primary focus, therefore, is on supporting minority gender R enthusiasts to achieve their programming potential, by building a collaborative global network of R leaders, mentors, learners, and developers to facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.


Auroville is an international community in India where people from more than 60 countries come together to build a city that nourishes human unity and conscious living. Auroville is a recognised non-profit in India. Worldwide there are centres in different countries that are recognised as non-profit in their respective country who support our work in Auroville: Auroville with its vision "There should be somewhere on earth a place which no nation could claim as its own, where all human beings of goodwill who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world" offers a lot of educational programmes (see, ).

Inclusive Naming Initiative

The Inclusive Naming Initiative’s mission is to help companies and projects remove all harmful and unclear language of any kind and replace it with an agreed-upon set of neutral terms. The initiative’s goal is to define processes and tools to remove harmful language from projects. This includes creating a comprehensive list of terms with replacements, language evaluation frameworks and templates, and infrastructure to aid the transition.


macOS Open-source drivers for Razer devices.

Swift Package Index

The place to find Swift packages. An open-source search engine for Swift libraries and tools.


Robust Automation Engine From simple if/then rules to complicated workflows, StackStorm lets you automate DevOps your way. Now completely open source!


Cryptomator is a multi-platform, client-side encryption software that protects your files in the cloud. It offers what is called "transparent file encryption", i.e. it mirrors parts of a file system and allows users to read and write to it just as if it was a normal drive. When writing, it encrypts. When reading, it decrypts.

Open Mainframe Project

The Open Mainframe Project was founded in 2015, as a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and Open Source in a mainframe computing environment.


Zeek is a powerful open source network security monitoring tool. It, by default, creates high-fidelity transaction logs about network traffic and is easily extendable with scripts to allow users to add their own logic.

HMS Jayne

HMS Jayne is an open source randomizer for Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls remake for the Gameboy Advance. Project

Metal³ project (pronounced: Metal Kubed) exists to provide components that allow you to do bare metal host management for Kubernetes. Metal³ works as a Kubernetes application, meaning it runs on Kubernetes and is managed through Kubernetes interfaces.


Elucubratus is an open source repository of unix tools for use on iOS

Academy Software Foundation (ASWF)

The mission of the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) is to increase the quality and quantity of contributions to the content creation industry’s open source software base; to provide a neutral forum to coordinate cross-project efforts; to provide a common build and test infrastructure; and to provide individuals and organizations a clear path to participation in advancing our open source ecosystem.


Sharealedger is a collaborative project to explore innovation in business systems, and to find ways of improving society through the process. It includes sharing information about ledgers, regenerating long-forgotten knowledge embedded in all major business systems today, and considering if actually sharing data among organizations might spark a new round of improvements in society.

Kludge Cyber Systems

Kludge Cyber Systems is a currently nonprofit technology firm developing open source solutions for the Node ecosystem including Petitio, rewriting corporate software for better code quality, et cetera. Our website is not yet running but you can find our work on GitHub and

Application Oriented Storage

An application-oriented unified storage layer for Golang.


Kivy is an open source Python library for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.

The rOpenSci Project

rOpenSci is a non-profit intiative that fosters a culture that values open and reproducible research using shared data and reusable software.


eAbsentee is an open-source system used to request absentee ballots. eAbsentee is sponsored by Vote Absentee Virginia, a not-for-profit, non-partisan 501(c)4 organization established to help broaden voter access across all parties in Virginia.


The first high-school hackathon, organized by students of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.


Coinworks is an open-source cryptocurrency donation page site.

Quanto Chevron

A simple toolkit to act as a GPG/PGP Manager/Create/Sign/Verify/Encrypt/Decrypt deamon, to use GPG/PGP as a service over HTTP. |


Testing framework for PowerShell code.

Uçurtma Project

Uçurtma is a platform that aims to help students find the financial support they need to make their dreams come true. It provides a decentralized guarantee of getting support by bringing students and supporters together.


Greece's first teenager maker club. Run by students, for students. Part of Hack Club

Parse Platform

The complete application stack. Build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, dashboard and more out of the box. With SDKs for every platform including Swift, Flutter/Dart, Objc-c, Android, JavaScript and PHP.

Cloud Native Buildpacks

Cloud Native Buildpacks transform your application source code into images that can run on any cloud. The project is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubation project. |


Kubernetes operator for synthetic checks. and


Low-code programming for event-driven applications.

Texas Justice Initiative

Texas Justice Initiative is a nonprofit organization that collects, analyzes, publishes and provides oversight for criminal justice data throughout Texas. TJI's code, including the code that powers our website and the code that powers our data processing, is open source.

LF Energy Foundation

By providing frameworks and reference implementations, LF Energy minimizes pain points such as cybersecurity, interoperability, control, automation, virtualization, and the orchestration of supply and demand.


Simple plugin to load tracking scripts based on user consent. No dark patterns.


This project aims to modernise the internal post system of Fontys. Currently most of the administrative work is done manually. This project moves these processes to a semi-automated system with similar functionalities as PostNL. Some of the features include: seeing a package status and tracing locations.

Winter CMS

Winter CMS is a free, open-source content management system based on the Laravel PHP framework. Developers and agencies all around the world rely upon Winter CMS for its quick prototyping and development, safe and secure codebase and dedication to simplicity.

Nameday API and opensource library

This opensource library acts as client for Nameday API which is developed and maintained by me in my free time since 2017. Library is opensource and API is for free serving 60 000 requests a day. Namday is providing data for 20 countries.

DARIA Case Management

DARIA is a case management system originally created for the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF), an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gives grants to people in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who cannot afford the full cost of abortion care. Its primary goal is to simplify routine case management processes, such as keeping track of patient data, pledges, and contact information. It is now in use by multiple funds across the country.

Dotfiles Syntax Highlighting

An extension for the VS Code editor that adds syntax highlighting support for a lot of dotfiles.

Hack the 6ix

Hack the 6ix is the largest student-run, non-for-profit summer hackathon located in the hear of Toronto.


A Django library to integrate with the Stripe API and process Stripe webhooks.


Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem.


WATonomous is a Canadian non-profit seeking to educate and train the next generation of autonomous vehicle engineers, leading to a safer roads and a brighter future. WATonomous is created by and run for students. We provide opportunities through our Chevrolet Bolt vehicle development platform (nicknamed the "Bolty"), compute resources, and engineering expertise. Students have the unique opportunity to further their education by collaborating with likeminded peers as they build up the Bolty into a fully autonomous level 4 self-driving car.


Trainer for teaching the ten-finger method of typing on the keyboard.

BrightChain: The Revolution(ary) Network

A Lightweight BlockChain- LightChain based on a Brightnet Blockstore- BrightChain. All the benefits of blockchain dApps and contracts without the mining and waste. Unlimited storage for everyone, and a mathematically reinforced and moderated community that will last for the ages.


An observability framework for cloud-native software.


Botanism is a small collection of repositories revolving around the Botanist bot. The latter is used to bring moderation utilities to the Discord messaging app. Under the GPLv3 license it is used by a few hundred users (as of 2020).

Keva Project

Low-latency in-memory key-value store, used as a database or cache


A software implementation of hardware FIDO U2F(YubiKey for example) authentication for Windows.

We are a group of like minded enthusiasts from across the world who build and maintain the largest collection of Docker images on the web, and at our core are the principles behind Free and Open Source Software. Our primary goal is to provide easy-to-use and streamlined Docker images with clear and concise documentation. VPP is the Swiss Army knife of networking toolchains - enabling astounding software packet processing. Recent achievements include forwardering 1TBps of IPSEC traffic with millions of routes in the routing table on a commodity server with no special accelerators.


ScanAPI is a testing framework that provides automated integration testing and live documentation for any REST API. Given an API specification, written in YAML/JSON format, the library hits the specified endpoints, runs the test cases, and generates a detailed report of this execution - that can be also used as the API documentation itself.


A community led collection of recipes, build infrastructure and distributions for the conda package manager.


A software for exploring UE4-5 games' files.


SnowflakeDev is a community of open-source lovers. We develope projects that help developers on various takss like document generation, image manipulation, database ORM etc. In short we aid in project scaffolding so that developers can spend time on wording on their idea rather than having to reinvent the wheel everytime.


OpenGitOps is a CNCF Sandbox project to define a vendor-neutral, principle-led meaning of GitOps. This will establish a foundation for interoperability between tools, conformance, and certification through lasting programs, documents, and code.

The Julia Language

Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic language for technical computing.

Drupal Austria Association

"Drupal Austria - Association for the Promotion and Support of the Open Source Software Drupal" aims to strengthen and support the Austrian Drupal community. Some of our initiatives and event we organise can be found at provides provides developers with content creation scripts and tools to upload 'records' to create instant content such as APIs, email and batch processing the data for reports.

Laravel 5 Repositories

Laravel 5 Repositories is used to abstract the data layer, making our application more flexible to maintain.


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