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Lens Extension for Capsule Operator - Looking for a maintainer

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Capsule Lens extension

This is a Lens extension for the Capsule Operator which provides advanced multi-tennancy and policy control on your Kubernetes cluster.



This guide shows how to install the extension either from from pre-built release or source.


  • Lens minimum 5.3.0 should first be installed on your workstation.
  • Follow the Capsule Getting Started guide to understand how to install the Capsule Operator in your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Optionally, install the Capsule Proxy for an enhanced user experience for your tenant users.

From pre-built release

Lens extension for Capsule provides the tarball-file that can be manually downloaded and installed. Alternatively, you can copy the download URL of the release artifact to paste it in the Manage Lens Extensions page.

  1. Download your desired version from GitHub release page. Alternatively, just copy the download URL of the release artefact.
  2. Open Lens application and select Lens menu, and then click Extensions item, or press Shift + Command + E to open the Manage Lens Extensions page.
  3. Specify the path of the extension package .tar, .tgz or the download URL and click Install.
  4. If everything is fine, you'll see the @clastix/capsule-lens-extension extension listed under Installed Extensions. Click Enable to enable it.
  5. Close the Manage Lens Extensions page and verify that the Capsule menu item shows up in the main Lens menu.

From source (Linux/MacOS)

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. make build && make install to build the extension and create a symlink.
  3. Enable the extension in Lens Extensions as above.

Development mode

  1. Install the extension by following the steps above.
  2. make dev to start webpack process in watch mode.
  3. Press Ctrl+R in Lens to reload the extension after making changes.

Getting Started

With Capsule extension for Lens, a cluster administrator can easly manage from a single pane of glass all resources of a Kubernetes cluster, including all the Tenants created through the Capsule Operator. Please, refer to the documentation about how Capsule can help to address multi-tanancy and policy control on your Kubernetes cluster.

Tenants list

List all tenants:

Tenants List

Tenant details

See the deatils of each tenant and change it through the embedded Lens editor:

Tenant details

Resources Quota and Budget for all tenants

Check the resources usage and quota at both the tenant and namespace level:

Resources Quota and Budget

Allowed namespaces list

If you installed the Capsule Proxy, each tenant user can see only the namespaces he has access:

Allowed namespaces list


Lens Extension for Capsule Operator - Looking for a maintainer

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