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Zotero Bib


This repo contains Zotero Bib tool, including React components, stylesheets and entry-point website.


  1. Node JS with npm
  2. Basic command-line tools including rsync
  3. Existing translation-server
  4. Existing bib-server
  5. Existing styles-repo

Local Development version

Getting The Library

  1. git clone --recursive

  2. cd bib-web

  3. npm install

  4. npm start

This will serve demo on

You might need to provide configuration options (see below) in order to get storage and translation to work.

By default, the development server proxies translations server requests to localhost:1969. If your server is located elsewhere you need to provide the url, e.g. the last step above would look like this:

  1. npm start --zotero-bib-web:translation_server="http://localhost:1234"

This will proxy requests from the browser to the specified translation server.

Using in Production

To obtain production-ready files use the following npm command:

npm run build


It's possible to provide configuration parameters for the build (both in development and production) using configuration files and/or environment variables. The easiest way is to copy config/default.json to config/local.json and place variables there (this file is git ignored and should not be committed). Alternatively environment variables listed in config/custom-environment-variables.json can be used. For more details how to provide configurations, see config npm package.

Configuration options

The following configuration options are accepted:

storeURL Specifies url for the bib-server api where bibliographies are stored.

stylesURL Specifies url for the styles-repo website. When left empty, default will be used which is

translatePrefix Specifies an additional prefix for where translation server request should be send. Useful in cases where translateURL is left empty so that it's possible to direct requests to a specific endpoint at wherever zotero-bib is being hosted.

translateURL Specifies url for the translation-server. By default current host is assumed to proxy request to the translation server.

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Front-end code for ZoteroBib



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