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gui for instapy automation

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InstaPy GUI

Graphical User Interface for InstaPy Automation including some useful Analytics.



register a bot


  • download update.bat and save it
    • you can copy your old assets folder into this folder aswell to reuse your database / cookies / etc.
  • double-click update.bat
  • double-click setup.bat
    • answer all the questions
  • double-click startClient.bat To take off!


  • download and save it
    • you can copy your old assets folder into this folder aswell to reuse your database / cookies / etc.
  • execute bash
  • execute bash
    • answer all the questions
  • execute bash To take off!


create a file named instapy.env with the following content:


execute the following command:

sudo docker run -d --env-file instapy.env --name instapyclient felixbreuer/instapy-client

remember that you can only run docker clients in headless mode.

step-by-step guide

  • download all files here and save them to a folder on your system
    • you can copy your old assets folder into this folder aswell to reuse your database / cookies / etc.
  • navigate to the folder in the console
  • run pip install -r requirements.txt
    • use pip3 if you are on linux or mac
  • create a file named .env or instapy.env with the following content
  • run python
    • use python3 if you are on linux or mac
  • go to and take off!
adjustments for raspberry pi
  • activate the virtual enviroment
  • run following commands in the console
python3 -m pip uninstall instapy-chromedriver
python3 -m pip install --user instapy-chromedriver==2.36.post0

if this is not working try the following:

  • cd into instpay-client folder
mkdir assets && cd assets
chmod 755 chromedriver
chmod +x chromedriver
sudo apt-get remove chromium

register more bots

if you are on a different machine just follow the steps register a bot again.

  • copy the whole client folder to a different folder
  • edit .env or instapy.env
    • change IDENT=... to something new
  • start the new client
  • in the start panel of you now have 2 bots in the select bot dropdown menu


how to start contributing



no module named 'pip'

  • run curl -o
  • execute the downloaded file
    • on linux or mac run ./env/bin/python3
    • on windows run .\env\Scripts\python.exe
  • reinstall the requirements
    • on linux or mac run ./env/bin/pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    • on windows run .\env\Scripts\pip.exe install -r requirements.txt

certificate verify failed

in the client after logged in with user: <username> you get the following error:

certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate

please have a look at this stack overflow post to resolve the issue.

global name 'f' is not defined

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 175, in
TOKEN = get_token(username, password)
File "", line 64, in get_token
print(f,"authenticate {username} to {url} ...")
NameError: global name 'f' is not defined

you need to use python version 3.6 or higher. the f-string format got implemented in that version.

disclaimer: please note that this is a research project. i am by no means responsible for any usage of this tool. use on your own behalf. i am also not responsible if your accounts get banned due to extensive use of this tool.

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gui for instapy automation

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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