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source code for my book on odps

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This is the source code and data for ODPS book. The following is mainly divided by modules (instead of chapters of the book).

  • introduction - ch02, a quick start
  • dship - ch03
  • sql - ch04, ch05
  • udf - ch05
  • tunnel - ch06, use Tunnel to transfer data from hadoop to ODPS
  • mapreduce - ch07, ch08
  • xlab - ch09, use machine learning algorithms
  • use_sdk - ch10, use ODPS SDK to access ODPS service
  • as_dba - ch11, account/resource/data management
  • data - the data used to demonstrate examples in the book
  • image - some (colored) images within the book


Any suggestion or help (to improve the book) will be deeply appreciated. Please contact me by email: or weibo:


source code for my book on odps


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