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A Stylus style for easy Slack theming

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Slack Night Mode

A user style for easy Slack theming. CC0.



This theme requires that you use a user styles extension for your browser, such as Stylus (available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera).

Desktop App

No official support. Workarounds exist.

🛑 READ FIRST: Most workarounds will request the compiled CSS file from this repository. You are strongly discouraged from using a remote CSS file. It's recommended that you create your own copy. An XSS attack could put your Slack client at risk.

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Black (source - build - install)

The primary supported theme. This is an excellent theme if you use a program like f.lux or redshift.

Black Screenshot

Aubergine (source - build - install)

This is based on Slack's aubergine/maroon style. It's the original theme.

Aubergine Screenshot



Variants can have extensions which add additional changes.

Monospaced (source)

Replaces the messaging font stack with a monospace font stack.

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A Stylus style for easy Slack theming

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