billstark / tetris-agent

ai agent that plays tetris automatically

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To setup the development environment

You could download the project using git clone and then use eclipse to add the project in. To be more specific, File -> Open projects from file systems

Pre-defined classes

TFrame and TLabel

This is just used for visualise the game play (you can actually play the game)


I just listed down some important functions

Getting game info

  • hasLost() return true if lost, false otherwise

  • getField() This returns a 20x10 2D array that contains the current state of the board. 0 refers to no occupation while other values refers to the turn when the block is filled.

  • getNextPiece() returns the ID (0-6) of the piece you are about to play.

  • getRowsCleared() returns the number of lines cleared.

  • legalMoves() all possible legal moves of the "next" piece. This is represented by a Nx2 array, where N is the number of possible moves, and for each row, there is an array with 2 elements. The first is SLOT (left most column of the piece, like x-coordinate) and the second is ORIENTATION.


  • makeMove(int move) or makeMove(int[] move). In this case, if we just specify an integer, it will pick the legal move in legalMoves (an array) with move as index. If we take array as input, it will use (SLOT, ORIENTATION) as move directly

Drawing related

  • draw() draws the board.

  • drawNext() draws the next piece above the board

  • clearNext() clears the drawing of the next piece so it can be drawn in a different slot/orientation


ai agent that plays tetris automatically


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