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Convolutional recurrent network in pytorch

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Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network

This software implements the Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN) in pytorch. Origin software could be found in crnn

Run demo

A demo program can be found in src/ Before running the demo, download a pretrained model from Baidu Netdisk or Dropbox. This pretrained model is converted from auther offered one by tool. Put the downloaded model file crnn.pth into directory data/. Then launch the demo by:


The demo reads an example image and recognizes its text content.

Example image: Example Image

Expected output: loading pretrained model from ./data/crnn.pth a-----v--a-i-l-a-bb-l-ee-- => available


Train a new model

  1. Construct dataset following origin guide. For training with variable length, please sort the image according to the text length.
  2. python [--param val]. Explore for details.


Convolutional recurrent network in pytorch

License:MIT License


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