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Sliver is an open source cross-platform adversary emulation/red team framework, it can be used by organizations of all sizes to perform security testing. Sliver's implants support C2 over Mutual TLS (mTLS), WireGuard, HTTP(S), and DNS. Implants are dynamically compiled with unique X.509 certificates signed by a per-instance certificate authority generated when you first run the binary.

The server and client support MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Implants are supported on MacOS, Windows, and Linux (and possibly every Golang compiler target but we've not tested them all).

Go Go Report Card License: GPL v3


  • Dynamic code generation
  • Compile-time obfuscation
  • Multiplayer-mode
  • Staged and Stageless payloads
  • Procedurally generated C2 over HTTP(S)
  • DNS canary blue team detection
  • Secure C2 over mTLS, WireGuard, HTTP(S), and DNS
  • Fully scriptable using JavaScript/TypeScript or Python
  • Local and remote process injection
  • Windows process migration
  • Windows user token manipulation
  • Anti-anti-anti-forensics
  • Let's Encrypt integration
  • In-memory .NET assembly execution

Getting Started

Download the latest release and see the Sliver wiki for a quick tutorial on basic setup and usage. To get the very latest and greatest compile from source.

Linux One Liner

curl|sudo bash and then run sliver


Please checkout the wiki, or start a GitHub discussion. We also tend to hang out in the #golang Slack channel on the Bloodhound Gang server.

Compile From Source

See the wiki.

License - GPLv3

Sliver is licensed under GPLv3, some sub-components may have separate licenses. See their respective subdirectories in this project for details.

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Adversary Emulation Framework

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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