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SISL Deadlines Build Status

Countdown timers to keep track of conference deadlines relating to research at the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory (SISL)

  • AI
  • Aerospace
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Robotics
  • Validation


Adding/updating a conference

To add or update information:

  • Fork the repository

  • Update _data/conferences.yml

  • Make sure it has the title, fullname, year, id, link, deadline, timezone, date, place, sub attributes

    • See available timezone strings here
    • Multiple sub attributes can be separated by commas (see _data/types.yml)
  • Optionally:

    • Add an abstract_deadline in case the conference has a separate mandatory abstract deadline
    • Add a rank based on the H-Index ordering from Computer Science Conferences Rankings
    • Add a note for additional comments (e.g., "Biennial" or "Doctorial consortium")
  • Run update.bat which sorts conferences by deadline, verifies the YML file, and updates the .ics calendar file

  • Send a pull request



  • Full conference name (fullname: italicized subtitle)
  • Multiple types per conference (e.g., 'sub: AUTO, AI')
  • Added rankings [superscript]
  • Sorted by abstract deadline
  • Link directly to conference website
  • Combined SISL spreadsheet and wiki
  • Conference newsletter email address:

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:alarm_clock: SISL conference deadline countdowns


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