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WebRTC Remote Desktop - Browser based remote desktop using Javascript & GO.

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WebRTC Remote Desktop

GO based WebRTC Remote Desktop allows you to control the computers remotely (like any other RDP softwares) using WebRTC from modern browsers. The backend is a pure GO implmentation using Pion WebRTC & RobotGo.


The project is inspired from "WebRTC remote screen (". Thanks for such a lovely contribution Rafael Viscarra.


  • Remote screen viewing
  • Mouse controls ( Move, Click, Double Click, Scroll )
  • Keyboard ( Basic controls )
  • ... Working on more features !


  • Go 1.12+ (
  • If you want h264 support: libx264 (included in x264-go, you'll need a C compiler / assembler to build it) (Supports Mac only)
  • If you want VP8 support: libvpx (Supports Windows & Mac)

For Windows libvpx installation, follow below installation steps:

1. Download and install latest MYSYS2 installer from
2. Open MYSYS Shell
3. Install Mingw Toolchain
- 32 bit:  pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-toolchain 
- 64 bit:  pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain
4. pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-libvpx

Running in development mode

git clone
cd webrtc-remote-desktop
go mod tidy
go run -tags "h264enc" cmd/agent.go

Open https://localhost:9000 in the browser

Optional Params:

  • --http.port=8888
  • For H264 stream: "h264enc"
  • For VP8 stream: "vp8enc"

Building for production

Build the deployment package by runnning make. This should create a tar file with the binary and web directory, by default only support for h264 is included, if you want to use VP8 run make encoders=vp8, if you want both then make encoders=vp8,h264.

Copy the archive to a remote server, decompress it and run ./agent. The agent application assumes the web dir. is in the same directory.

WebRTC requires a secure domain to work, the recommended approach towards this is to forward the agent port thru SSH tunneling:

ssh -L YOUR_LOCAL_PORT:localhost:9000 

Then access the application on https://localhost:YOUR_LOCAL_PORT, localhost should be considered secure by modern browsers.

  • Tip for production: You need to write your own gateway server for exchanging SDP with the computers behind the NAT.


Amazing people responsible for making this possible:


MIT - see LICENSE for the full text.


WebRTC Remote Desktop - Browser based remote desktop using Javascript & GO.

License:MIT License


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