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RTP parsing

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Jitsi RTP

Jitsi RTP contains classes for parsing and creating RTP and RTCP packets.

Code style

We use ktlint for linting and autoformatting. The ktlint command-line utility can be installed by running:

curl -sSLO && chmod a+x ktlint && sudo mv ktlint /usr/local/bin/

Or, on macOS with Homebrew:

brew install ktlint

To perform the checks simply run ktlint.

You can install a pre-commit or pre-push git hook by running this in the git repository directory:

ktlint --install-git-pre-commit-hook

You can automatically update Intellij IDEA's formatting rules to to be compatible with ktlint. However, note that version 0.34.2 of ktlint will override any Java code style settings.

ktlint --apply-to-idea-project

Autoformatting can be run by calling mvn antrun:run@ktlint-format.


RTP parsing

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