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An infinite whiteboard built using a canvas element

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Infinite whiteboard template


This is a template for an infinite whiteboard that uses a <canvas> element. An example site that has built on this code (adding collaboration and other features) can be found at

Accessing the whiteboard

You can open index.html to use the whiteboard in desktop mode, or run the Node.js server with:

node app.js

to access it at http://localhost:3000. Depending on your firewall settings you should be able to connect to the server from a mobile device on your network by entering your computer's IP address in your mobile's browser like so: 192.168.__.__:3000.

Desktop controls

  • Left click to draw
  • Right click to pan
  • Scroll to zoom

Mobile controls

  • Single touch to draw
  • Double touch to zoom / pan

Example mobile use


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An infinite whiteboard built using a canvas element


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