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LINUX configuration

This repo is my general UNIX user configuration. I currently use Arch Linux, and want to install other distros. I tried to make my config OS agnostic.


Things I'm planning for now;

  • Home directory layout
  • Clear configuration a bit
  • Figure out how to put crypt keys in pass store
  • Switch from using sddm to greetd and couple other loggers.
  • Carefully consider sway vs. river; river seems better suited, but I have to write plugin.
  • Switch from sxhkd to swhkd? Is this wise? Does not seem so.
  • Change bar usage from polybar to eww, and standardize it.

Current to-do configuration of things

  • Build tmux alias with all my console programs
  • DPMS
  • Terminal apps (zimfw, neovim) fixing both in framebuffer and terminal.

Home Directory

The directory layout is as proposed; and divides Home into usage tiers. Directories marked with S are Syncthing folders. Directories marked with X are XDG User directories. Directories marked with g are git repos.

[g] /home/sbp
    ├── Data
    │   ├── Calendar
    │   ├── Contacts
[X] │   ├── Desktop
[X] │   ├── Downloads
    │   ├── Mail
    │   └── Todo
[SX]├── Documents
[X] │   └── Templates
[S] ├── Media
[X] │   ├── Music
[X] │   ├── Pictures
[X] │   └── Videos
    ├── Projects
[g] │   ├── ...
[g] │   ├── Archlinux
[g] │   └── Gentoo
    ├── Shares
[S] │   ├── Phone
[X] │   ├── Public
[S] │   └── Syncthing
[S] └── Work


To install and activate zimfw;

  • Create .local/share/zim (or the $ZIM_HOME directory)
  • Get the zimfw.zsh there; curl -fsSL -o ~/.local/share/zim/zimfw.zsh
  • Run zsh ~/.local/share/zim/zimfw.zsh install




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