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📨🚚CNCF App Delivery TAG

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CNCF App Delivery TAG

The Application Delivery TAG focuses on delivering cloud native applications which involves multiple phases including building, deploying, managing, and operating. Additionally, the TAG produces supporting material and best practices for end-users, and provide guidance and coordination for CNCF projects working within the SIG’s scope.

See our full charter here: https://github.com/cncf/toc/blob/main/tags/app-delivery.md


Alois Reitbauer, Jennifer Strejevitch, Hongchao Deng

Tech Leads

Alex Jones, Thomas Schuetz



We have meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16:00 UTC see in your local time.

Working Groups

The TAG has created the following working groups to investigate and discuss the following topics:

Working Group Chairs Meeting Time
Air Gapped Inactive
GitOps gitops-wg/CHAIRS.md gitops-wg/README.md#meetings
Operator Inactive
Cooperative Delivery cooperative-delivery-wg/README.md#chairs cooperative-delivery-wg/README.md#meetings

All meetings are on the public CNCF calendar: https://www.cncf.io/calendar/

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📨🚚CNCF App Delivery TAG


License:Apache License 2.0