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SPIRE Tutorials

The tutorials in this repo describe how to install SPIRE and integrate it with software typically used with SPIRE. The following tutorials are available:

Tutorial Platform
Quickstart for Kubernetes Kubernetes
AWS OIDC Authentication Kubernetes
Vault OIDC Authentication Kubernetes
Integrating with Envoy using X.509 certs Kubernetes
Integrating with Envoy using JWT Kubernetes
Using SPIFFE X.509 IDs with Envoy and Open Policy Agent Authorization Kubernetes
Using SPIFFE JWT IDs with Envoy and Open Policy Agent Authorization Kubernetes
Nested SPIRE Docker Compose
Federation Docker Compose
Configure SPIRE to Emit Telemetry Docker Compose

Additional examples of how to install and deploy SPIRE are available. The spiffe.io Try SPIRE page includes a Quickstart for Linux and MacOS X and SPIFFE Library Usage Examples. The SPIRE Examples repo on GitHub includes more usage examples for Kubernetes deployments, including Postgres integration, and a Docker-based Envoy example.

For general information about SPIRE and the SPIFFE zero-trust authentication spec that SPIRE implements, see the SPIRE GitHub repo and spiffe.io website.

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