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Google Cloud Storage resize hook.

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Google Cloud Storage resize hook.


Below are variables which you can override when using the Make cli, see below for more information.

  • BUCKET - The name of the bucket to resize new finalised images in.
  • PREFIX - A path prefix that images must be in before we consider resizing.
  • TRIGGER_NAME - The name of the trigger, this defaults to resizehook
  • REGION - The region you want to publish the function in, this defaults to europe-west2
  • WIDTH - The desired width, set this to 0 if you want to stay in ratio with the defined height.
  • HEIGHT - The desired height, set this to 0 if you want to stay in ration with the defined width.

Deploy with Make

make publish VAR=VALUE

Configuration Management

If you would like to store the setup process in version control then we have a stub shell script below.

#!/usr/bin/env sh

set -e


echo " [x] Cloning repository: https://github.com/legalweb/gcs-resize-hook.git"
git clone https://github.com/legalweb/gcs-resize-hook.git

pushd gcs-resize-hook >/dev/null

echo " [x] Deploying function to GCP"

gcloud functions deploy "${TRIGGER_NAME}" --set-env-vars "CFG_PREFIX=${PREFIX}" --set-env-vars "CFG_WIDTH=${WIDTH}" --set-env-vars "CFG_HEIGHT=${HEIGHT}" --runtime go111 --entry-point Resize --trigger-resource ${BUCKET} --trigger-event google.storage.object.finalize --memory 128MB --retry --region ${REGION}

popd >/dev/null

rm -rf ./gcs-resize-hook


This trigger is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.


Google Cloud Storage resize hook.


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