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An open source smart contract platform

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EOSIO - The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications

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Welcome to the EOSIO source code repository! EOSIO software enables developers to create and deploy high-performance, horizontally scalable, blockchain infrastructure upon which decentralized applications can be built.

This code is currently beta-quality and under rapid development. That said, there is plenty early experimenters can do. This includes running a private multi-node test network and developing applications (smart contracts).

There is no public testnet running currently.

Supported Operating Systems

EOSIO currently supports the following operating systems:

  1. Amazon 2017.09 and higher
  2. Centos 7
  3. Fedora 25 and higher (Fedora 27 recommended)
  4. Mint 18
  5. Ubuntu 16.04 (Ubuntu 16.10 recommended)
  6. MacOS Darwin 10.12 and higher (MacOS 10.13.x recommended)


  1. Website
  2. EOSIO Blog
  3. EOSIO Documentation Wiki
  4. EOSIO API Documentation
  5. EOSIO StackExchange for Q&A
  6. Community Telegram Group
  7. Developer Telegram Group
  8. White Paper
  9. Roadmap

Getting Started

Instructions detailing the process of getting the software, building it, running a simple test network that produces blocks, account creation and uploading a sample contract to the blockchain can be found on the Wiki for this GitHub repository.


An open source smart contract platform



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