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A collection of docker-compose.yml for many open source applications

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A collection of ready-to-use and hopefully updated open-source applications with the help of Docker-Compose.


Copy .env.template as .env and customize the variables.

Run an application with:

docker-compose -f apps/<category>/<app-name>.yml up


docker stack deploy -c apps/<category>/<app-name>.yml <id>

Applications list

Name Category
Ghost blog
Bonita business-intelligence
Shout chat
drupal cms
joomla cms
wordpress cms
eXo collaboration
gitlab collaboration
hastebin collaboration
hublin collaboration
mattermost collaboration
openfire collaboration collaboration
suitecrm crm
mongo database
mysql database
postgres database
redis database
kong development
sonarqube development
alfresco document
ckan document
logicaldoc document
nuxeo document
xibo document
prestashop ecommerce
odoo erp
tuleap project-management
owncloud storage
mistserver streaming
red5 streaming
osticket trouble-ticketing
redmine trouble-ticketing
dokuwiki wiki
mediawiki wiki


undocumented and probably going to be deprecated

deprecated: bulk update from v1 to v2 composer: find . -name "*.yml" -exec python --source {} --destination {} \;


A collection of docker-compose.yml for many open source applications


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