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Create a universal React app using Expo and Next.js in a monorepo

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Expo + Next.js Monorepo Example

This repo is deprecated in favor of Solito ⚠️

Here is an example showing how to create a universal React app using Expo and Next.js in a monorepo.

You'll find included:

  • Expo SDK 43 (with Hermes on iOS and Android)
  • Next.js 12
  • React Native for Web
  • TypeScript
  • Babel config that works for Expo and Next.js with Reanimated in a monorepo
  • Reanimated
  • React Native Bottom Sheet
  • Dripsy

And ready-to-use (small configuration required):

  • Expo Application Services
  • Custom Development Client
  • Sentry



Code shared between iOS, Android and Web

cd packages/app



Expo entrypoint: packages/expo/App.tsx

cd packages/expo

yarn start:expo to start iOS and Android app with Expo


Pro tip: build and launch a custom development client with SCHEME=com.example.axel yarn run:ios -d (replace axel with your first name)



Next.js entrypoint: packages/next/src/pages/_app.tsx

cd packages/next

yarn dev to start web app




  • Don't add any package here


  • Don't add any package here


  • Add all your React Native and universal packages here
  • Publish to Expo with yarn publish:production


  • Add your web-only packages here
  • Deploy to Vercel with yarn deploy -- if it fails, make sure to configure your project correctly: go to your project settings on Vercel and set the "Framework Preset" to Next.js and the "Root Directory" to packages/next


Here is an example of how to handle navigation: #1

What should I do next?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use React Navigation
  • Style your app with Dripsy
  • Animate your app with Moti
  • Do some requests with SWR or Apollo Client
  • Build cool things with Expo Modules
  • Create a custom development client
  • Add Sentry
  • Add CI/CD with EAS via GitHub Actions
  • ...

Related monorepo example

I also recommend to check out this example from Cedric: It includes some EAS GitHub Actions and a bare workflow (ejected) example.




Create a universal React app using Expo and Next.js in a monorepo

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