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A working port of iOS-2048 to Apple's new Swift language.

Like the original Objective-C version, swift-2048 does not rely upon SpriteKit. See the description for iOS-2048 for more information.

I'm not actively working on this, except to fix bugs and maintain compatibility with latest versions. Pull requests are welcome, though. Note that Swift was very different back when I first wrote this code, caveat emptor.

If you want to check out a more advanced Swift project, please take a look at Lambdatron, my Clojure interpreter.


You will need Xcode 7 to run the project. Run it in the simulator or on an actual device.

Tap the button to play the game. Swipe to move the tiles.

Thoughts on Swift

Swift is a well-designed language that will, hopefully, drag mainstream programming halfway to ML (kicking and screaming the entire way, of course).

If you really want to see my out-of-date thoughts on Swift, check out the git history for


(c) 2014-2015 Austin Zheng. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli ( The original game can be found at, as can all relevant attributions. 2048 is inspired by an iOS game called "Threes", by Asher Vollmer.


2048 for Swift

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