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🐶 Purchase your favourite Digital Crypto Doggies on the blockchain

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CryptoDoggies DApp

Purchase your favorite Doggies on the blockchain.

Ethereum Solidity Node.js


This repository houses the cryptodoggies.store's smart contract system. It has been built using Ethereum smart contracts.

This DApp was written as part of my Introduction to DApp development course available at http://learn.cryptodoggies.store

Developing This Contract

In order to develop this contract the following steps were taken to setup the environment.

Install and run Ganache CLI (formally you would have used TestRPC). Alternatively you can install Ganche UI.

$ npm install -g ganache-cli
$ ganache-cli

When you run Ganache you'll be presented with 10 accounts with private keys. The RPC service that you can interact with the blockchain through is also available on localhost:8545 for the CLI version and localhost:7545 for the GUI.

Navigate into the root of this project and install truffle (if you haven't already got it). Run the truffle test command to compile and test the contracts.

npm install -g truffle
npm run test
npm run dev
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🐶 Purchase your favourite Digital Crypto Doggies on the blockchain



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