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A fully automatic time tracker with python

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A fully automatic time tracker with python that logs the title of focused windows.

Untiming can log the title of the applications that you've been working on and provide you with query based reports (in text and bar charts). Some applications put active tab names in their titles too (like browsers, eclipse, ...) so you can even query Untiming for information about the tabs (e.g. How many hours did I spend in GMail today?).

Note: Untiming automatically detects when you are not using your system (idle time) with the help of xprintidle.


  1. python-wnck
  2. xprintidle


Just run it with python:


To get a report run:

python report <list of keywords>

For example this will give you the usage reports for the gmail tab in your browser, eclipse and firefox:

python report firefox eclipse gmail

To generate this month's chart run (an HTML chart will be generated with the name of untiming_report.html):

python graph <list of keywords>


A fully automatic time tracker with python

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


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