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A cache simulator in python

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A cache simulator in Python for CS 530

Documentation on cache configuration and trace files are located in their respective folders


CacheSimulator needs two extra Python modules: pyyaml and terminaltables

These can both be installed using pip:

sudo pip install pyyaml/terminaltables


To run a quick test simulation, enter the src folder and run this command:

./ -pdc ../configs/config_simple_multilevel -t ../traces/trace2.txt

For more details, run:

./ --help


This simulator will create a memory heirarchy from a YAML configuration file and calculate the AMAT for a given tracefile.

The memory heirarchy is configurable with the following features:

  • Word size, block size
    • Address size does not need to be defined
  • L1 cache with user-defined parameters
    • Associativity
    • Hit time
    • Write time
  • Optional L2 and L3 caches
  • Simulate write back and write through
  • Pretty print the cache layouts


A cache simulator in python

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:Python 100.0%