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A pretty simple Operating System for my High School Project

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Ultron OS

Ultron OS is an x86 Operating System written in C++. It is able to boot Initialise the GDT and and IDT and do a couple of things that Operating Systems are supposed to do.

Author : @aswinmohanme


Ultron is designed with OOP in mind and has not failed to live up to the promise at all possible places.



For Compiling the Operating System image it is required that these dependencies must be met.

  • Any *nix like system
  • The GNU GCC compiler Toolchain
  • Netwide Assembler NASM
  • GNU Make
  • GNU general linker ld
  • Astlye Formatter

For Testing the Operating System it is recommended to use

Qemu the Emulator of our Choice

Getting the Source

The most recent Source Code is hosted on

**How to get the most Recent Version **

# Get the Updated Source from github
git clone


# Change the Directory into the Current One
cd Ultron-OS
# Run Make at the root of the project


Make sure you have installed qemu on your system. From the project root run

# This Command Runs the OS on an Emulated Machine
make run

Thanks !! Enjoy


A pretty simple Operating System for my High School Project

License:Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Language:C++ 58.1%Language:C 19.3%Language:Assembly 15.7%Language:Makefile 4.8%Language:Shell 2.1%