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Start and join voice calls, video calls and use screen sharing with your team members via Zoom.


Once enabled, clicking the video icon in a Mattermost channel invites team members to join a Zoom call, hosted using the credentials of the user who initiated the call.


Zoom Setup Guide

You will need a paid Zoom account to use the plugin.

  1. Go to System Console > Plugins > Zoom to configure the Zoom Plugin.


  1. If you're using a self-hosted private cloud or on-premise Zoom server, enter the Zoom URL and Zoom API URL for the Zoom server, for example and respectively. Leave blank if you're using Zoom's vendor-hosted SaaS service.

  2. Set the API Key and API Secret, generated by Zoom and used to create meetings and pull user data:

  • Go to and log in.
  • In the top left click on Develop and then Build App.
  • Enter a name for your app and disable Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace.
  • Choose Account-level app as the app type.
  • Select JWT API Credentials as authentication type.
  • Click Create.
  • Enter the Company Name and Developer Contact Information for your app.
  • Go to the App Credentials tab on the left. Here you'll find your API Key and API Secret.
  • Paste the API Key and API Secret into the fields in the System Console, and hit Save.

create app screen

To generate an API Key and API Secret requires a Pro, Business, Education, or API Zoom plan.

  1. Enable settings for overriding usernames and overriding profile picture icons.

  2. Activate the plugin at System Console > Plugins > Management by clicking Activate for Zoom.


Once activated, you will see a video icon in the channel header. Clicking the icon will create a new Zoom meeting, and create a post with a link to the meeting. Anyone in the channel can see the post and can join by clicking on the link.



Users will need to sign-up for their own Zoom account using the same email address that they use for Mattermost. If the user attempts to start a Zoom meeting without a Zoom account, they will see the following error message: "We could not verify your Mattermost account in Zoom. Please ensure that your Mattermost email address matches your Zoom email address." In addition, the user must be added to the admin's Zoom account to quickly start a meeting without having to share a personal meeting ID.


This plugin contains both a server and web app portion.

Use make dist to build distributions of the plugin that you can upload to a Mattermost server for testing.

Use make check-style to check the style for the whole plugin.


Inside the /server directory, you will find the Go files that make up the server-side of the plugin. Within there, build the plugin like you would any other Go application.

Web App

Inside the /webapp directory, you will find the JS and React files that make up the client-side of the plugin. Within there, modify files and components as necessary. Test your syntax by running npm run build.

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Zoom plugin for Mattermost :electric_plug:

License:Apache License 2.0


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