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gmp bindings for rust

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The following functions are intentionally left out of the bindings:

  • gmp_randinit (not thread-safe, obsolete)
  • mpz_random (not thread-safe, obsolete)
  • mpz_random2 (not thread-safe, obsolete)
  • mpf_set_default_prec (not thread-safe)
  • mpf_get_default_prec (not thread-safe)
  • mpf_init (not thread-safe)
  • mpf_inits (not thread-safe, va_list wrapper)
  • mpf_clears (va_list wrapper)
  • mpf_swap (no better than rust's swap)
  • mpf_set_prec_raw (could be exposed with an unsafe function if needed)
  • mpz_inits (va_list wrapper)
  • mpz_clears (va_list wrapper)
  • mpz_swap (no better than rust's swap)
  • mpq_inits (va_list wrapper)
  • mpq_clears (va_list wrapper)
  • mpq_swap (no better than rust's swap)
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gmp bindings for rust

License:MIT License


Language:Rust 100.0%