arvidn / libtorrent-webui

a WebUI implementation for libtorrent based clients

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High level utility classes for use with libtorrent (, primarily centered around web UI support.

Currently supported web UIs:

  • transmission
  • deluge
  • uTorrent

(patches for improving support or new web UIs are welcome).

Supported features:

  • save/load settings (including custom settings)
  • save/load resume data regularly
  • HTTP basic authorization
  • post .torrent files to be added
  • download torrent content (via /proxy, like uTorrent)
  • auto-load directory
  • torrent update queue, to return only torrents that have changed since last check-in
  • serving files off of filesystem
  • RSS feed filters, with episode parsing

The main web UI framework leverages mongoose web server and jsmn JSON parser.

For example usage, see the test program.

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a WebUI implementation for libtorrent based clients


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