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ArangoDB node API in C++

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Node-arangodb-cxx aka Fuerte for NodeJS.

This package contains a low-level NodeJS connection driver that enables you to make an HTTP(s) or Velocystream connection to an ArangoDB server.

It wraps the C++ Fuerte driver.

In most cases you do not use this driver directly. Instead you should consider using ArangoJS. ArangoJS is a high level driver that contains a much more client programmer oriented API.




Install node and npm and execute

npm install --save fuerte

Then to see Fuerte in action, make sure you have ArangoDB running at localhost on port 8529, and run examples.js from this repository.

node example.js


Fuerte is moving work away from the NodeJS event loop as soon as possible and tries to do as much as possible in its own threadpool. The number of threads in this pool relates to the number of CPU cores available in your machine.

To override this default behavior, you can specify it in a FUERTE_THREAD_COUNT environment variable. E.g. FUERTE_THREAD_COUNT=3 causes the threadpool to use 3 threads.


Fuerte is published under the Apache 2 License. Please see the files LICENSE and for details.


ArangoDB node API in C++

License:Apache License 2.0


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