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Notifications support

arafatamim opened this issue · comments

Send a push notification 5 mins before, or at the time of, upcoming prayer.

I have been playing with the notification trigger API which is only supported in chrome behind a feature flag

async function scheduleNotification() {
  const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration();
  registration.showNotification('Salah Duhr', {
    body: 'Salah Duhr has arrived',
    showTrigger: new TimestampTrigger( + 10_000)  // notification will be triggered after 10 seconds

I haven't checked yet but it might be possible to use this with the periodic background sync API to schedule a batch of notifications every 7 days.

An alternative approach that doesn't require any bleeding edge API would be to notify users if waqt app hasn't been closed yet.

Haven't heard of that API before. Could be useful.

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