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Graphical console greter for greetd

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Graphical console greeter for greetd.

Screenshot of tuigreet

Usage: tuigreet [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help          show this usage information
    -v, --version       print version information
    -c, --cmd COMMAND   command to run
    -w, --width WIDTH   width of the main prompt (default: 80)
    -i, --issue         show the host's issue file
    -g, --greeting GREETING
                        show custom text above login prompt
    -t, --time          display the current date and time
    -r, --remember      remember last logged-in username
        --asterisks     display asterisks when a secret is typed
        --container-padding PADDING
                        padding inside the main prompt container (default: 1)
        --prompt-padding PADDING
                        padding between prompt rows (default: 1)


The default configuration tends to be as minimal as possible, visually speaking, only showing the authentication prompts and some minor information in the status bar. You may print your system's /etc/issue at the top of the prompt with --issue and the current date and time with --time. You may include a custom one-line greeting message instead of /etc/issue with --greeting.

The initial prompt container will be 80 column wide. You may change this with --width in case you need more space (for example, to account for large PAM challenge messages). Please refer to usage information (--help) for more customizaton options.

You may change the command that will be executed after opening a session by hitting F2 and amending the command. Alternatively, you can list the system-declared sessions by hitting F3.


From source

Building from source requires an installation of Rust's stable toolchain, including cargo.

$ git clone && cd tuigreet
$ cargo build --release
# mv target/release/tuigreet /usr/local/bin/tuigreet

From AUR

On ArchLinux, tuigreeter is available on AUR and is installable through your preferred AUR helper:

$ yay -S greetd-tuigreet

Two more distributions are available: greetd-tuigreet-bin is the precompiled release for the latest tagged release of tuigreet and greetd-tuigreet-git is a rolling release always following the master branch of this repository.

From Gentoo

On Gentoo, tuigreet is available as a package gui-apps/tuigreet:

$ emerge --ask --verbose gui-apps/tuigreet

Pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries of tuigreet for several architectures can be found in the releases section of this repository. The tip prerelease is continuously built and kept in sync with the master branch.


Edit /etc/greetd/config.toml and set the command setting to use tuigreet:

vt = 1

command = "tuigreet --cmd sway"
user = "greeter"

Please refer to greetd's wiki for more information on setting up greetd.

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Graphical console greter for greetd

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Rust 100.0%