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⛺️ Lightweight version of Vitesse

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Vitesse - Opinionated Vite Starter Template

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Lightweight version of Vitesse

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See Vitesse for full featureset.

Dropped Features from Vitesse

  • i18n
  • Layouts
  • SSG
  • PWA
  • Markdown


UI Frameworks

  • UnoCSS - The instant on-demand atomic CSS engine.



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GitHub Template

Create a repo from this template on GitHub.

Clone to local

If you prefer to do it manually with the cleaner git history

npx degit antfu/vitesse-lite my-vitesse-app
cd my-vitesse-app
pnpm i # If you don't have pnpm installed, run: npm install -g pnpm
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⛺️ Lightweight version of Vitesse

License:MIT License


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