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Multiple conversions per search

cspeer opened this issue · comments


is there a built-in way for searches to be able to convert more than once?
Right now, if I have Searchkick create the SearchJoy search via track and then call .convert(model) on that search, no other model can convert that search. But it makes sense for multiple search results to convert a single search. For example when I search for tortilla chips, I might not just add the unfavored version to the cart, but the spicy one as well ;-)

If there is no built-in way to do this with Searchkick & SearchJoy right now, I guess a possible workaround would be to not have Searchkick create any searches and only create a new search and convert it immediately once the actual conversion takes place.

Hey @cspeer, there's not a built-in way, but you can create a separate search_conversions table and insert a record in the same place where .convert(model) is called.

Great, thanks a lot @ankane !

Just fyi, the next release will have built-in support for this (with a searchjoy_conversions table).

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