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Duplicate tracking when Searchkick execute => false

jfloff opened this issue · comments

I was debugging some tracking and found out that if I have a Searchkick query with execute: false and then later on, I use the multi search like this: Searchkick.multi_search([query]) I got 3 entries on Searchjoy just from that one query.

Hey @jfloff, I added a test case for this and was also unable to reproduce manually. No search record is created with execute: false.

def test_multisearch

Hi there,

You are right, after your answer I was able to narrow it down a bit more and found out that some actions are triggering multiple Searchjoy entries. This was one of my test cases:

products ="apples")
5.times do

This is creating 5 entries on Searchjoy. I suspect other actions such as getting the results, are also creating multiple Searchjoy entries. Looks like Searchjoy is not taking into consideration that the data is already loaded and any method call is accounted as a search.

Hey @jfloff, I'm not able to reproduce that either (with Searchjoy 0.3.2 and Searchkick 3 and 4). I just pushed a new version (Searchjoy 0.4.0) to add tracking to Searchkick.multi_search. If you're still having issues with the latest version, please create a PR a with a failing test case.

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