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NameError in Searchjoy::Searches#stream after rails4 upgrade

jiteshshetty opened this issue · comments

We just upgraded to rails4 and I get the following error now while loading the searchjoy view:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined local variable or method `searchjoy' for #<#<Class:0x007fa62c068fe0>:0x007fa62c260578>):
    5: <script>
    6:   function fetchRecentSearches() {
    7:     $("#stream").load("<%= searchjoy.searches_recent_path %>");
    8:     setTimeout(fetchRecentSearches, 5 * 1000);
    9:   }
   10:   $( function() {
  searchjoy (0.0.8) app/views/searchjoy/searches/stream.html.erb:7:in `___sers_ddddd__rvm_gems_ruby_______rails__x_gems_searchjoy_______app_views_searchjoy_searches_stream_html_erb__88024631391264746_70175841129020'

Any help is much appreciated.


What the exact version of Rails?

@ankane it is

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce. Working fine on that version of Rails in my demo app.

@ankane thanks for the quick response, this is how I am mounting it in my Gemfile:

namespace :admin do
      mount Searchjoy::Engine, at: "/searchjoy"

Do you see something wrong with that? This used to work fine before rails4

Give master a shot.

@ankane awesome, that worked! Thanks for the super quick response.

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