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A Python implementation of the Community ID flow hashing standard

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This package provides a Python implementation of the open Community ID flow hashing standard.

It supports Python versions 2.7+ and 3+.

The API breaks the computation into two steps: (1) creation of a flow tuple object, (2) computation of the Community ID string on this object. It supports various input types in order to accommodate network byte order representations of flow endpoints, high-level ASCII representations, etc.

In practice, it looks e.g. as follows:

import communityid

cid = communityid.CommunityID()
tpl = communityid.FlowTuple.make_tcp('', '', 1234, 80)


This will print "1:mgRgpIZSu0KHDp/QrtcWZpkJpMU=".

The package includes two sample applications:

  • community-id-pcap, which iterates over a pcap via dpkt and renders Community ID values for each suitable packet in the trace. This exercices the package's "low-level" API, using flow tuple values as you'd encounter them in a typical network monitor.

  • community-id-tcpdump, which takes tcpdump output on stdin and augments it with Community ID values on stdout. This exercices the package's "high-level" API, using ASCII representations of tuple values.

The package also contains a comprehensive testsuite that can serve as reference values to verify the correctness of other implementations. See the contents of the testing/ directory for details.


A Python implementation of the Community ID flow hashing standard

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