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Exporter from Blender to DirectX - adapted from Ben Omari's version.

I was doing my development using Blender 2.45, so I make no promises that it will still work with earlier versions.

New features include: (updated 17th April 2009):

  • Improved error handling and plenty of warning messages to help you work out why the .X file it’s spewing out is a load of gibberish that won’t open in your DirectX application
  • Added new templates to support Shape Keys (morph targets). Obviously you’ll need to write some code on the DirectX side to actually make use of this data – feel free to email me for some ideas on this
  • It now correctly reverses the winding order when an object has a negative scaling factor
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements

It comes with the following caveats and warnings:

  • I believe the “Export Selected” button to be somewhat buggy. My advice is to stick to the “Export All” button.
  • The “Dedup” button I added to write out a VertexDuplicationIndices template doesn’t seem to work. I get a stupid error message “Invalid DuplicationIndices in x file. All duplicates must refer to the same vertex index”.

This code is provided "as is" and I have long since stopped doing any work which involves using it, so I have not touched the code (or Blender) in a LONG time.


Exporter from Blender to DirectX

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


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