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VirusTotal says you have malware

superpoussin22 opened this issue · comments

Thank you, let me take a look

It inherit from VirtualApp, I will try to fix it.

well, i fixed it partially;

Because the code has some hardcode string such as "base-1.apk", "base.odex"; i simply use base64 to encode these thrings and it was resolved.


You are improving
Now you are seemingly mostly flagged as "AdLock" or "Agent-QBQ" (whatever they may be)

I have fixed the misjudge of all anti-virus engine in newly release (0.8.7)

Here is the test result:

You can test it manully, this is the release 0.8.7, and the anti-virus test site:

What did i do? These are some commits:

As you can see, the code before i modified is surely safe and can not be virus, but it just was misjudged. And the way i fixed the issue is like a metaphyscis, I really do not known why i just print some log and it was judged to virus. Ridiculous.

Anyway, the anti-virus engine is so stupid, and i won't fix any anti-virus issue anymore.

yes, virustotal is a joke with apk/ipa

Why Flagged As Malware?
Because VXP Purpose :)
Xposed Is Used To Modify System on non root enviroment

Nowadays a lot of av detect app like this as malware even the sc are clean af lol