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Sample iOS Swift consumer and ruby provider.

This is a demonstration project for using the Swift Pact library.

To build and run Pact Swift Tests

The application uses Carthage for building library dependencies. If you are not familiar with carthage, see Carthage for more details.

  • Install the pact mock service gem (required for running the iOS Pact tests).
gem install pact-mock_service -v 0.9.0

NB: if you are using the system ruby, you will need to install the gem using sudo. Better options would be to use something like rbenv / rvm / chruby.

  • Download and compile the iOS library dependencies:
CatKit $ carthage bootstrap --no-use-binaries  --platform iOS

(Execute from the CatKit directory)

  • Run the iOS unit tests. (can be done from within XCode if you prefer)
CatKit $ xcodebuild -project CatKit.xcodeproj -scheme CatKit clean test -sdk iphonesimulator

This will run the unit tests (Pact Tests). After the pact tests run successfully the generated pact files should live in the CatKit/tmp/pacts/ directory. A log of the pact test interactions can be found here CatKit/tmp/pact.log. If the tests fail, try looking in here for details as to why.

Verify the ruby server with the generated pact file

Copy over the generated pact file from the iOS project, to the ruby server.

catkit-server $ cp ../CatKit/tmp/pacts/catkit_ios_app-catkit_service.json pacts/ios-app/

(Execute from the catkit-server directory)

Run the pact verification to verify that the server conforms to the CatKit client.

catkit-server $ bundle exec rake pact:verify

NB: to run the catkit-server:

catkit-server $ bundle exec rackup

More reading

  • Swift Pact library
  • The original pact library, with lots of background and guidelines Pact
  • The pact mock server that the Swift library uses under the hood Pact mock service
  • A pact broker for managing the generated pact files (so you don't have to manually copy them around!) Pact broker



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