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Hoextdown is an extension to Hoedown

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Hoextdown is an extension to Hoedown.

Extended the following functions.

Special Attributes

Add the HOEDOWN_EXT_SPECIAL_ATTRIBUTE to Hoedown document flags.

Set the id and class attribute on certain elements using an attribute block.

For instance, put the desired id prefixed by a hash inside curly brackets after the header at the end of the line, like this

Header 1            {#header1}

## Header 2 ##      {#header2}

Then you can create links to different parts of the same document like this:

[Link back to header 1](#header1)

To add a class name, which can be used as a hook for a style sheet, use a dot like this:

## The Site ##    {.main}

The id and multiple class names can be combined by putting them all into the same special attribute block:

## The Site ##    {.main .shine #the-site}

To add a other than id and class names, use a colon like this:

## The Site ##    {.main .shine #the-site :color=red}

At this time, special attribute blocks can be used with

  • headers
  • fenced code blocks
  • links
  • images
  • tables
  • paragraphs

For image and links, put the special attribute block immediately after the parenthesis containing the address:

[link](url){#id .class}
![img](url){#id .class}

Or if using reference-style links and images, put it at the end of the definition line like this:

[link][linkref] or [linkref]

[linkref]: url "optional title" {#id .class}

For paragraphs, put the special identifier @paragraph after the attribute. This helps prevent accidental parsing.

This is a paragraph. {@paragraph #id}

Task Lists

Add the HOEDOWN_HTML_USE_TASK_LIST to Hoedown html flags.

Add to support task lists, Task lists are lists with items marked as either [ ] or [x] (incomplete or complete), like this

- [ ] a task list item
- [ ] list syntax required
- [ ] normal **formatting**, @mentions, #1234 refs
- [ ] incomplete
- [x] completed

Line Continue

Add the HOEDOWN_HTML_LINE_CONTINUE to Hoedown html flags.

Remove the line breaks at the end of the line.

Header ID

Add the HOEDOWN_HTML_HEADER_ID to Hoedown html flags.

Output header id.

# Header 1


<h1 id="header-1">Header 1</h1>

Fenced Script

Add the HOEDOWN_HTML_FENCED_CODE_SCRIPT to Hoedown html flags. (HOEDOWN_EXT_FENCED_CODE also need to be specified at the same time)

Output the script tag in the fenced code style.

``` script@text/javascript


<script type="text/javascript">

Script Tags

Add the HOEDOWN_EXT_SCRIPT_TAGS to Hoedown document flags.

Add the parsing process of script tags <?..?>.

This is <?php echo "an example" ?> test.

echo "Example";


<p>This is <?php echo "an example? ?> test.</p>

echo "Example";

Meta Block

Add the HOEDOWN_EXT_META_BLOCK to Hoedown document flags.

Add the parsing process of meta block <!--*..*-->.

Get a meta block by running in the following program.

  Allocate meta block buffer
hoedown_buffer *meta;
meta = hoedown_buffer_new(64);

  Set HOEDOWN_EXT_META_BLOCK to hoedown_extensions.
  Specifies the meta block buffer to fifth argument.
document = hoedown_document_new(renderer, HOEDOWN_EXT_META_BLOCK, 6, NULL, meta);

  Print meta block buffer
if (meta->size > 0) {
  fprintf(stdout, "-- Meta Block --\n");
  (void)fwrite(meta->data, 1, meta->size, stdout);


Execution parse result.

  author: user
  title: Readme markdown parser

This is hoextdown example.


<p>This is hoextdown example.</p>
--- Meta Block --
  author: user
  title: Readme markdown parser

Definition Lists

Add the HOEXTDOWN_EXT_DEFINITION_LISTS to Hoedown document flags.

Add to support definition lists. Syntax follows PHP Markdown Extra's syntax.

: Definition

Term 1
Term 2
: Definition 2

Term 3
: Definition Line 1
  Definition Line 2

    Extra paragraphs need four spaces.


<dt>Term 1</dt>
<dt>Term 2</dt>
<dd>Definition 2</dd>
<dt>Term 3</dt>
<p>Definition Line 1 Definition Line 2</p>
<p>Extra paragraphs need four spaces.</p>
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Hoextdown is an extension to Hoedown

License:MIT License


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